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English Questions: Vocabulary set- 32

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are providing some difficult words from Editorials, which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.

1. Trajectory – प्रक्षेपवक्र

Meaning – the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces.

Usage – “the missile’s trajectory was preset”

Synonyms – course, route, path, track, line, orbit, flight, flight path, ambit, direction, bearing, orientation, way, tack, approach

2. Notwithstanding – बावजूद

Meaning – in spite of & nevertheless; in spite of this.

Usage – “she tells us she is an intellectual; notwithstanding, she is a beauty queen”

Synonyms – nevertheless, nonetheless, even so, all the same, in spite of this/that, despite this/that, after everything, however, still, yet, be that as it may, having said that, that said, for all that, just the same, anyway, in any event, at any rate, at all events, when all is said and done, howbeit etc.

3. Traction – संकर्षण

Meaning – the action of drawing or pulling something over a surface, especially a road or track.

Usage – “a primitive vehicle used in animal traction”

Synonyms – : grip, friction, adhesion, purchase, resistance; pull, haulage, propulsion, drag etc.

4. Flounder – तड़पना

Meaning – struggle mentally; show or feel great confusion.

Usage – “the dragoons were floundering in the boggy ground”

Synonyms – struggle, thrash, thresh, flail, toss and turn, twist and turn, pitch, splash, stagger, stumble, falter, lurch, blunder, fumble, grope, squirm, writhe

5. Cargo – माल

Meaning – goods carried on a ship, aircraft, or motor vehicle.

Usage – “transportation of bulk cargo”

Synonyms – freight, load, haul, consignment, delivery, shipment, contents, baggage, burden; goods, merchandise; shipload, boatload, lorryload, truckload etc.

6. Bolster – सहारा

Meaning – support or strengthen.

Usage – “the fall in interest rates is starting to bolster confidence”

Synonyms – strengthen, support, reinforce, make stronger, boost, fortify, give a boost to; prop up, buoy up, shore up, hold up, maintain, buttress, brace, stiffen, uphold; aid, assist, help; supplement, augment, feed, add to, increase; revitalize, invigorate, renew, regenerate etc.

7. Symphony – स्वर की समता

Meaning – an elaborate musical composition for full orchestra, typically in four movements, at least one of which is traditionally in sonata form.

Usage – “Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony”

8. Ovation – जयध्वनि

Meaning – a sustained and enthusiastic show of appreciation from an audience, especially by means of applause.

Usage – “the performance received a thundering ovation”

Synonyms – round of applause, applause, handclapping, clapping, cheering, cheers, bravos, acclaim, standing ovation, acclamation, praise, plaudits, laurels, tribute, accolade, bouquets; informal(big) hand; rarelaudation, extolment etc.

9. Procurement – उपलब्ध कराना

Meaning – the action of obtaining or procuring something.

Usage – “financial assistance for the procurement of legal advice”

10. Suburban – संकीर्णतापूर्ण

Meaning – contemptibly dull and ordinary.

Usage – “suburban life”

Synonyms – dull, boring, uninteresting, conventional, ordinary, commonplace, average, unremarkable, undistinguished, unexceptional, pedestrian; provincial, unsophisticated, small-town, parochial, parish-pump, insular, inward-looking, limited, blinkered, bourgeois etc.