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English Questions – Vocabulary set 142

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are providing some difficult words from editorials, which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other !!!

1. Strident – तेज़

Meaning – (of a sound) loud and harsh; grating.

Synonyms – harsh, raucous, rough, grating, rasping, jarring, loud, stentorian, shrill, screeching, piercing, ear-piercing; unmelodious, unmusical, discordant, dissonant, unharmonious; rarestridulous, stridulant, stridulatory, stentorious.

Usage – “his voice had become increasingly strident”

2. Decipher – पढ़ना

Meaning – convert (a text written in code, or a coded signal) into normal language.

Synonyms – decode, decrypt, break, work out, solve, interpret, translate, construe, explain; make sense of, make head or tail of, get to the bottom of, unravel, find the key to, find the answer to, throw light on; informalcrack, figure out; informaltwig, suss.

Usage – “authorized government agencies can decipher encrypted telecommunications”

3. Wrangle – लड़ाई

Meaning – a dispute or argument, typically one that is long and complicated.

Synonyms – argument, dispute, disagreement, quarrel, row, fight, squabble, difference of opinion, altercation, angry exchange, war of words, shouting match, tiff; tussle, brouhaha, fracas, rumpus, brawl, clash, scuffle, battle, war, feud; controversy, uproar; donnybrook.

Usage – “an insurance wrangle is holding up compensation payments”

4. Hedge – बाड़ा

Meaning – a fence or boundary formed by closely growing bushes or shrubs.

Synonyms – hedgerow, row of bushes, fencewindbreakbarrierbarricadeboundary; quickset.

Usage – “a privet hedge”

5. Pervert – स्वमतत्यागी

Meaning – distort or corrupt the original course, meaning, or state of (something).

Synonyms – distort, warp, corrupt, subvert, twist, bend, abuse, divert, deflect, misapply, misuse, misrepresent, misinterpret, misconstrue, falsify, garble.

Usage – “he was charged with conspiring to pervert the course of justice”

6. Decry – दोष देना

Meaning – publicly denounce.

Synonyms – denounce, condemn, criticize, censure, damn, attack, fulminate against, rail against, inveigh against, blame, carp at, cavil at, run down, pillory, rap, lambaste, deplore, disapprove of, vilify, execrate, revile; disparage, deprecate, discredit, derogate.

Usage – “they decried human rights abuses”

7. Banter – मज़ाक

Meaning – the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks.

Synonyms – repartee, raillery, ripostes, sallies, swordplay, quips, wisecracks, crosstalk, wordplay; badinage, witty conversation, witty remarks, witticism(s), joking, jesting, jocularity, drollery; bons mots; informalkidding, ribbing.

Usage – “there was much good-natured banter”

8. Elongate – बढ़ाना

Meaning – make (something) longer, especially unusually so in relation to its width.

Synonyms – lengthen, stretch out, make longer, extend, broaden, widen, enlarge.

Usage – “the door had been elongated so that the wheelchair could go in”

9. Mercurial – अस्थिर

Meaning – subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind.

Synonyms –  volatile, capricious, temperamental, excitable, fickle, changeable, unpredictable, variable, protean, mutable, erratic, quicksilver, inconstant, inconsistent, unstable, unsteady, fluctuating, ever-changing, kaleidoscopic, fluid, wavering, vacillating, moody, flighty, wayward, whimsical, giddy, impulsive.

Usage – “his mercurial temperament”

10. Assuage – शांत करना

Meaning – make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense.

Synonyms –  relieve, ease, alleviate, soothe, mitigate, dampen, allay, calm, palliate, abate, lull, temper, suppress, smother, stifle, subdue, tranquillize, mollify, moderate, modify, tone down, attenuate, dilute, lessen, diminish, decrease, reduce, lower.

Usage – “the letter assuaged the fears of most members”