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English Questions – Vocabulary For IBPS RRBs – Set 168

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are providing some difficult words from editorials, which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other !!!

1. Faze – हतोत्साह करना

Meaning – disturb or disconcert (someone).

Usage – she was not fazed by his show of anger.

2. Nuisance – बाधा

Meaning – a person or thing causing inconvenience or annoyance.

Synonyms – source of annoyance/irritation, annoyance, inconvenience, bore, bother, irritant, problem, difficulty, trouble, trial, burden; pest, plague, thorn in one’s side/flesh; informalpain, pain in the neck, pain in the backside, headache, hassle, bind, drag, aggravation, menace; informalnyaff.

Usage – it’s a nuisance having all those people clomping through the house.

3. Cognoscente – कला-मर्मज्ञ

Meaning – a connoisseur; a discerning expert.

Usage – the art historian as professional, expert, cognoscente, and aficionado.

4. Daub – लीपापोती

Meaning – carelessly coat or smear (a surface) with a thick or sticky substance.

Synonyms – bedaub, smear, plaster, bespatter, splash, stain, spatter, splatter, cake, cover thickly, smother, coat, deface; slap; literarybesmear, befoul, besmirch, begrime.

Usage – the walls were daubed with splashes of paint.

5. Stymie – गतिरोध

Meaning – prevent or hinder the progress of.

Synonyms – impede, interfere with, hamper, hinder, obstruct, inhibit, frustrate, thwart, foil, spoil, stall, shackle, fetter, stop, check, block, cripple, handicap, scotch; informalput paid to, put the kibosh on, snooker; informalscupper.

Usage – the changes must not be allowed to stymie new medical treatments.

6. Reinstate – पुनः स्थापित करना

Meaning – restore (someone or something) to their former position or state.

Synonyms – restore, return to a former position, return to power, put back, replace, bring back, reinstitute, reinstall, rehabilitate, re-establish.

Usage – the union threatened strike action if Owen was not reinstated.

7. Derisive – व्यंग्यात्मक

Meaning – expressing contempt or ridicule.

Synonyms – mocking, ridiculing, jeering, scoffing, jibing, pillorying, teasing, derisory, snide; disdainful, disparaging, denigratory, dismissive, slighting, detracting, contemptuous; sneering, scornful, taunting, insulting; caustic, scathing, sarcastic; satirical, lampooning; informalsnidey; informalsarky; rarecontumelious.

Usage – he gave a harsh, derisive laugh.

8. Mannish – अस्रीवत

Meaning – (of a woman) having an appearance and qualities that are typically associated with men and considered unbecoming in a woman.

Synonyms – manlike, masculine, unfeminine, unwomanly, unladylike, Amazonian.

Usage – a mannish, sadistic matron.

9. Tumble – गिरना

Meaning – fall suddenly, clumsily, or headlong.

Synonyms – fall (over), fall down, topple over, lose one’s footing, lose one’s balance, keel over, pitch over, take a spill, collapse, fall headlong, fall head over heels, fall end over end; trip, trip up, stumble; informalcome a cropper; datedmeasure one’s length.

Usage – she pitched forward, tumbling down the remaining stairs.

10. Shirker – कामचोर

Meaning – n a person who shirks his work or duty (especially one who tries to evade military service in wartime)
Synonyms – slacker Types: goldbrick.