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English Questions : Idioms for all banking exams – Set 27

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Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are providing here some important idioms and phrases, which is BASED ON Bank EXAMS 2018 !!!

Idioms and Phrases

1. All agog

Meaning – in a state of excitement,full of vigour

The people were all agog outside the stadium to welcome Olympic Gold medallist

2. Hand in glove

Meaning – in close relationship, alliance

After the controversial match got over, it was found that referee was hand in glove with the winning team.

3. Against the clock

Meaning – to work with extra efforts to finish something in limited time

The new committee has given assurance of project completion within stipulated time and that they will work against the clock

4. Smell a rat

Meaning – to suspect something wrong

The investigating agency smelt a rat behind the murder of businessman

5. Tip off

Meaning – to give information or a hint to, to warn

He tipped me off about her arrival

6. Gate crasher

Meaning – uninvited guest

We need volunteers to keep an eye out for gate crashers tonight in the party.

7. Button one’s lip

Meaning – stop talking, remain silent

He didn’t want to get in a fight, so he decided to button his lip.

8. On one’s last legs

Meaning – on the verge of ruin, bankruptcy

The lottery business which was opened recently is on its last legs.

9. Under the sun

Meaning – in the whole world,everything

Preparing for Civil Services exam is tantamount to studying everything under the sun

10. On the cards

Meaning – anticipated, certain, expected to happen

After his dismal scores in the last series, his removal from world cup squad was on the cards