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English Questions: Cloze Test Set – 169

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Affairs Here we are creating question sample in Cloze test, which is BASED ON IBPS & SBI PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB, RBI, IPPB,SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams !!!

Even climate activists increasingly recognize that the lofty rhetoric of the global agreement to reduce greenhouse-gas (1) , concluded in Paris just over a year ago, will not be matched by its promises’ actual impact on temperatures. This should make us think about smart, alternative solutions. But one such alternative, geoengineering, is a solution that many people refuse to entertain.
Geoengineering means (2) (3) the Earth’s climate. It seems like something from science fiction. But it makes sense to think of it as a (4) and affordable insurance policy.
Climate summit after climate summit has failed to affect global temperatures for a simple reason. Solar and wind power are still too expensive and inefficient to replace our reliance on fossil fuels. The prevailing approach, (5) by the Paris climate agreement, requires governments to try to force immature, uncompetitive green technologies on the world. That’s (6) expensive and inefficient.
The Bill Gates-led Breakthrough Energy Ventures fund announced last year provided reason for hope. At the center of any response to global warming, we need to focus on making renewable energy cheaper and competitive (7) research and development. Once innovation drives the price of green energy below that of fossil fuels, everyone will switch. Much more research funding is needed.
But such innovation will take time. That’s where geoengineering could play a role.
This year, for the first time, the US government office that oversees federally funded climate studies is formally (8) geoengineering research. The move has the (9) of President Barack Obama’s former science adviser John Holdren, who has said that geoengineering has “got to be looked at.” Last year, 11 climate scientists declared that the Paris agreement had actually set back the fight against climate change, saying that, “Our backs are against the wall and we must now start the (10) of preparing for geoengineering.”

  1. 1) suppression
    2) emissions
    3) concealment
    4) containment
    5) refrains
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation : emissions – the production and discharge of something, especially gas or radiation.

  2. 1) accidentally
    2) generally
    3) circumstantially
    4) deliberately
    5) by chance
    Answer – 4) 
    Explanation : deliberately – consciously and intentionally; on purpose.

  3. 1) assenting
    2) dispensations
    3) liberties
    4) sufferance

    5) manipulating

    Answer – 5)
    Explanation : manipulating – handle or control (a tool, mechanism, information, etc.) in a skilful manner.

  4. 1) prudent
    2) madcap
    3) heedless
    4) impetuous
    5) impulsive
    Answer – 1)
    Explanation : prudent – acting with or showing care and thought for the future.

  5. 1) occlude
    2) embodied
    3) embargo
    4) omitted
    5) boycotted
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation : embodied – be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).

  6. 1) medial
    2) mediocre
    3) neutral
    4) dwarf
    5) hugely
    Answer – 5)
    Explanation : hugely

  7. 1) within
    2) with
    3) through
    4) although
    5) about
    Answer – 3) 
    Explanation : through

  8. 1) recommending
    2) remonstrating
    3) expostulating
    4) derail
    5) diverting
    Answer – 1) 
    Explanation : recommending – put forward (someone or something) with approval as being suitable for a particular purpose or role.

  9. 1) perception
    2) interrogation
    3) backing
    4) catechism

    5) examination

    Answer – 3)
    Explanation : backing – help or support.

  10. 1) process
    2) disdain
    3) scorn
    4) delinquency
    5) laxity
    Answer – 1)
    Explanation : process