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English Grammar : One word Substitutions – 1

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you One Word Substitutions, Which is very important for Banks and SSC CGL Exams!!!

Abdurate – Unmouable – stubborn – unyeilding
Aborigines – The original inhabitants of a country
Abridge – To condenseAbsolute Zero The standing point of absolute temperature
Acceterate – Cause to move fasterAccilerate Speed up
Acerose – Needle shapedAcess Means of approaching
Acoustics – Relating to sound
Acrophobia – Pathological fear of high places
Acumen – Superior mental acuteness
Adhoc – For the purpose
Adolscence – A stage of growth between boyhood and youth.
Adulation – Excessive devotionAerial Living in air
Aeronautics – Science of flight of aeroplanes
Aesthetic – A love of beauty
Affidavit – A written statement given on oath
Affinity – Having a natural attention to
Aggravate – To make worse
Aglophoble – A person who hates England
Agonostic – One who thinks that everything is know through god only.
Alimony – Money giving to a woman who divorses his husband.
Allegory – Description of a subject with symbolical representation to another.
Allusive – Having reference to something
Alluvial – Sandy soil deposited by running water
Alpinism – Mountain climbingAltimeter Instrument used for measuring altitudes in aircraft.
Altruist – One who works for the good of others.
Amateur – One who learns a subject as a hobby.
Ammeter – Instrument used for measuring the electrical currents in amperes.
Amnesty – General pardon of the offenses against gout.
Amoyan – Strong and powerful woman.
Amphibian – Living/ Operating on land and water.
Amphibious – Animals that can be live on land and water.
Ample – Adequate or more than dequate – in extent, size etc.
Anachronism – Comparing modern persons with ancient persons
Anachronism – Something out of its proper time.
Anachronistic – A word which can be interpreted in any way.
Anachronistic – Set in wrong time or period.
Anaesthetics – Drugs causing unconciousness such as chloroform.
Anaesthetist – One who gives chloroform to a patient.
Analogy – Relation – Relationship
Anarchist – One who is out to destroy government
Anarchist – One who provokes disorder in a state.
Anatomist – One who describes the parts of the human body.
Anatomy – Study of sciences relating to the bodily structure of human.
Anile – Like a weak old woman.
Animometer – Instrument used for measuring the force and velocity of winds.
Annihilate – Destroy utterelyAnnuity Yearly grant – beings – animals and plants by way of disection.
Annular – Ring shaped
Anodyne – Pain reliever
Anonymus – That which is written without name.
Antagonist – Enemy – Antagonism
Anthropologist – One who studies history relating to the development of man from premetive ages.
Antibiotics – Drugs which completely destroys bacteria.
Antiquarian – A person who is interested in antiquities.
Aphelion – The point in a planet’s orbit that tis farthest from the sun.
Apiary – a bee house (Contains several hives).
Apirigee – A point as above that is nearest to earth.
Apologist – One who says sorry (Sorrow) for his mistakes.
Aporhtegm – Words spoken by great men.
Apostasy – To renounce one’s faith or religion.
Apostate – One who deserts his religion or principles.
Aqauntie – Relating to waterAquarium A thing where fishes are kept.
Aquatic – Living in waterArbitrator One who is appointed by two parties & decide their difference.
Arboreal – Living in treesArboriculture Cultivation of trees and vegetables.
Archaeologist – One who studies human antiquities.
Archaism – Using ancient Languages.
Archeologist – One who make a scientific study of human antiquities.
Archipeloge – See which has number of small islands.
Archive – That what is not in current use.
Aristocracy – The rule by nobels.
Arsenal – A place where weapons are manufactured and stored.
Articulate – To pronounce Clearly.
Astronomy – Study of heavenly bodies.
Atheist – One who has no belief in god.
Atmosphere – The air surrounding the earths.
Audible – That which can be heard.
Audiometer – Instrument used for measuring the intensity of sound.
Audiophone – Instrument used for improving imperfect sense of hearing.
Aurora – Australis Southern lightsAurura Borealis Northern lights.
Autocracy – Absolute rule by one person.
Autocrat – Who exercises absolute power.
Avairy – A building for keeping – rearing and breeding of birds.
Avalanche – A heavy mass of snow falling down a hill with great noise.
Avarice Greed – Inordinate desire to gain and hoard wealth.
Ballad – A short narrative poem – adopted for writing and sighning.
Ballistics – Science dealing with the motion of projectile like rockets bombs & shells.
Balmaccan – A type of man’s overcoat.
Barbarism – Mixed LanguageBarometer An apparatus used for measuring the atmospheric pressure.
Bellicose – Ready to fight.
Benefactor – Kindly helper.
Benevolent – Kind hearted Bevy Group of girls or women larks.
Bibliographer – One who writes big books.
Bibliography – A list of books with details of authorship, editions, subject etc.
Bibliophile – A lover bookBiblophile One who loves the study of books.
Bifurcate – Divided into two branches.
Bigamy – The crime of having two life partners at a time.
Bilingual – Spoken or written in two languages.
Biography – Life of a person written by somebody.
Biologist – One who studies the science of animals and plants.
Biota – Animal and plant life of a religion or period.
Black – Box An apparatus which records the fight data of an aeroplane and is also a voice recorder.
Blackbinding – Kidnapping for selling into slavery.
Blasphemer – One who speakes evil – Impcous one – irrevirent one.
Boycott – To obstain from buying or usingBoycott Unite to punish a person from association.
Brettle – Easily brokenBuccal Of the check of the sides of the mouth.
Bureaucracy – A gout in which the whole power is vested in officials.
Butcher – One whose business to a slaughter cattle for food.
Bygamist – One who has two wives.