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English Grammar – Idiom and Phrases 8 (SSC CGL)

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you One Word Substitutions, Which is very important for Banks and SSC CGL Exams!!!

  1. In tatters – Ruined
  2. At a rate of knots – Sluggishly
  3. Raise somebody’s hackle – To make somebody angry
  4. A bread and butter letter – An appointment letter
  5. Take up the cudgels – To support somebody
  6. As the crow flies – In a straight line
  7. With in an ace of – falling, escaping by a narrow margin
  8. To play the ape – To mimic,
  9. to imitate to go ape over – To be extremely enthusiastic over
  10. In the arms of Morpheus – In the lap of sleep
  11. No vie like avarice – Greed is greater than any other vice
  12. To get the axe – To be dismissed from a job
  13. A man before the mast – A common sailor
  14. All the better to – Same to
  15. To back side – To fall back in morals
  16. To back spear – To question in order to bring out some information
  17. On the ball – Alert ,competent
  18. To forbid the banns – To object the banns
  19. To sell one a bargain – To befool someone
  20. To have a bash at – To attempt something for the first time
  21. To have bats in one’s belfry – To have crazy ideas , to be very peculiar or foolish
  22. To be at one’s beds – To worship
  23. To tell one’s beads – To day ones prayer
  24. To bear away the palm – To win
  25. A bear garden – A place or scene of tumult
  26. Narrow bed – Grave
  27. To bill and coo – To whisper endearments as lovers
  28. To make one’s bow – To appear first time in publically
  29. To brace oneself for – To prepare for something unpleasant or difficult
  30. Brain sauce – Wisdom
  31. Bread and cheese – Simple food
  32. As snug as a bug in the rug – Very cosy and snug
  33. On the bum – Living the life of a tramp
  34. To bury one’s head in the sand – To avoid the reality
  35. To mean business – To be serious
  36. To care a damn/farthing – To have no care at all
  37. To carry with one – To satisfy
  38. A cast of the eye – A squint
  39. To cast into the shade – To make less noticeable
  40. To catch/clutch at a straw – To try any expedient however useless
  41. To cast a chill over – To spread sadness
  42. To serve with the colours – To be a member of the armed forces
  43. To condemn to death – To award punishment of death
  44. A gone coon – One whose case is hopeless
  45. Till the cows come home – For a long time
  46. To cross one’s mind – To occur , strike
  47. To cry Halves – To claim with equal share
  48. To cry stinking fish – To decry one’s own good
  49. To cry shame upon – To oppose, to protest against
  50. Off the cuff – Imparting information ,
  51. on credit in one’s cup – Under the influence of liquor
  52. To cut somebody down – To kill somebody
  53. To go to the devil – To fail completely
  54. To die in shoes – To be murdered
  55. A dog’s chance – No hope at all
  56. To eat one’s terms – To study for the bar(law)
  57. To bid fair – reTo seem likely
  58. To fall aboard of – To start fighting/ quarrelling
  59. To fall foul of – To quarrel
  60. To chew the fat – To chat
  61. To kill the fatted calf – To celebrate especially at a prodigal’s return
  62. To ruffle somebody’s feather – To annoy somebody
  63. To feel in one’s bone – To know or sense some thing intuitively
  64. To snap one’s finger (at) – To show contempt for
  65. To fish in troubled water – To try to win advantages for oneself from a disturbed state of affairs, to take advantage of troubled or uncertain conditions for personal gain
  66. To get into a flap – To be in a state of agitation , confusion, nervous, excitement etc.
  67. The flesh – Physical or bodily desires , sensual appetites
  68. To fly in the face of – To act in defiance of authority , facts , custom
  69. To be nobody’s fool – To be wise
  70. To fool around – To waste time