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English Grammar – Idiom And Phrases 21 For SSC CGL And IBPS/SBI PO

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you Idiom and Phrases, Which is very important for Banks and SSC CGL Exams!!!

With in an ace of – falling, escaping by a narrow margin
To play the ape – To mimic, to imitate to go ape over To be extremely enthusiastic over
In the arms of Morpheus – In the lap of sleep
No vie like avarice – Greed is greater than any other vice
To get the axe – To be dismissed from a job

A man before the mast – A common sailor
All the better to – Same to
To back side – To fall back in morals
To back spear – To question in order to bring out some information
On the ball – Alert ,competent

To forbid the banns – To object the banns
To sell one a bargain – To befool someone
To have a bash at – To attempt something for the first time
To have bats in one’s belfry – To have crazy ideas , to be very peculiar or foolish
To be at one’s beds – To worship

To tell one’s beads – To day ones prayer
To bear away the palm – To win
A bear garden – A place or scene of tumult
Narrow bed – Grave
To bill and coo – To whisper endearments as lovers

To make one’s bow – To appear first time in publically
To brace oneself for – To prepare for something unpleasant or difficult
Brain sauce – Wisdom
Bread and cheese – Simple food
As snug as a bug in the rug – Very cosy and snug

On the bum – Living the life of a tramp
To bury one’s head in the sand – To avoid the reality
To mean business – To be serious
To care a damn/farthing – To have no care at all
To carry with one – To satisfy

To get into a flap – To be in a state of agitation , confusion, nervous, excitement etc.
The flesh – hysical or bodily desires , sensual appetites
To fly in the face of – To act in defiance of authority , facts , custom
To be nobody’s fool – To be wise
To fool around – To waste time

To the fore – Prominent
To blow the gaff – To revel a secret
To be all legs – To be a tall and very thin person
To have a hollow leg – To have a large appetite
A lick and a promise – A feeble attempt

Out on a limb – In a dangerous situation
To live by one’s wits – To get money by ingenious and irregular methods not necessarily honest
The devils own luck – Good luck
To have a memory like a sieve – To have a faint memory
Middle of the road – Average

To have a monkey on one’s back – To be addicted to narcotic drug
The mote in somebody’s eye – A very minor mistake (of somebody)
To go through the motions – To work carelessly
In a muck – In an untidy situation