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Digital Skilled Workforce of India Needs to Grow 9 Folds by 2025: AWS Survey

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India’s digital skilled workforce needs to grow nine-fold by 2025On 25th February 2021, the Amazon Web Service(AWS) released a survey report titled “ Unlocking APAC’s Digital Potential: Changing Digital Skill Needs and Policy Approaches”. The report states that the present workforce of India comprises only 12% of digitally skilled employees and the Digitally skilled workforce of India has to increase to 9 fold by 2025.

  • The report was prepared by AlphaBeta, a strategy, and economic consulting firm and commissioned by AWS.
  • The report identified 4 types of workers who need to gain new digital skills by 2025 Globally: currently digitally skilled workers, currently non-digitally workers, future workforce (today’s students), and individuals who are unemployed or involuntarily excluded from the workforce.

About the Report:

i.The research surveyed around 3196 workers across 6 APAC(Asia Pacific) countries which includes Singapore, Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. Over 500 digital workers from India were surveyed in India.

ii.The report has 3 parts,

  • Analyse the digital skill applied by the workers in their job.
  • Projects the digital skills required by workforces over the next five years
  • Provides workforce skills development recommendations for policymakers.

iii.In order to meet the projected demand of digitally skilled employees, the six APAC countries will need an estimated 5.7 billion digital skill sessions, and India will need a total of 3.9 billion digital skill sessions, over the next five years, as per the report.

Gist of the survey:

i.Around 150 million workers across the 6 countries apply digital skills in their job and people who require those skills will increase to more than 800 million by 2025.

ii.The survey showed that around 64% of Australian workers apply digital skills in their job placing the country first in this area followed by Singapore with 63%.

iii.Asia Pacific workforce applying digital skills will need to increase five-fold by 2025.

For India:-

i.Around 70% of the workers in India have applied advanced digital skills for their job.

ii.The top 5 in-demand digital skills in India are

  • Cloud architecture design
  • Software operation support
  • website, game, or software development
  • Large Scale Data modelling
  • cybersecurity skills

iii.Around 76% of digital workers in India expect cloud computing to be an essential skill.

iv.More than 50% of the digital workers in the manufacturing sector expects cloud architecture design and the ability to create original digital content to be essential for them to do their work

Recent Related News:

On 21st January 2021, the National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC) partnered with California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) to fulfill the increasing demand for a digitally skilled workforce in India. The initiative is led by eSkillIndia, the digital skilling unit of NSDC.

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