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Increasing popularity and use of Artificial Intelligence in almost every field have reduced the need for human effort thus causing unemployment which is also acting as a catalyst in increasing crime rates

Artificial Intelligence is a phenomenon that facilitates machines to have varying idiosyncrasies of human intelligence. This is to say that the machines can imitate human behavior and replicate humans. In a way , it reduces human efforts , thereby , increasing efficiency at work. But on the other hand , machines taking place of human labour also have negative impact since it takes the place of employment of people.

Artificial Intelligence poses a great threat to humanity.  Stephen Hawking who is a cosmologist and theoretical physicist has also cautioned of the forthcoming threats that are likely to happen with the use of AI in the development of weapons.

There is a serious need among people to contemplate about the effects and impacts that artificial intelligence will have on human race. Scientists have warned that if these artificial machines and facets take place of human labour , then such a development will lead to mass unemployment. According to World Bank’s 2014 report, countries such as Macedonia, Mauritania and Lesotho had an unemployment rate of 30.2%, 31.9%, and 34.9% respectively (Ford, 2015). There would be increased poverty, hunger, illiteracy, dependency, crime, reduced life expectancy among other things. Earlier , people embraced this ideology, but soon they realised that this is at the cost of such loss of employment.

Though , if we look from the context of companies , they are giving positive response. And why not , since the machines do not ask them pay checks after every month. The machines do not look at the clocks or work as per restricted hours.

Unemployment has caused anguish in the mindset of youth. Also , they have valid reasons as well. Money spent on education , struggles involved and then scholarly results lead them nowhere , hence it is bound to frustrate them. This takes a negative turn and hampers their growth and then they are indentured to explore the criminal world. To earn money , to fulfil their needs and to accomplish their goals and mainly to live as per what they dreamt of are the few reasons because of which they participate in criminal activities. It has been observed that some of the biggest dons/mafia are highly qualified people. So that leaves us with no question that scholars do get attracted towards the villainous world.

Therefore , there should be proper method followed so that the harmony and compatibility between artificial intelligence and youth employment be maintained. The youth should not be made to suffer or lead to reprehensible conditions.