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Delhi is the richest state, Bihar the poorest: NFHS-4

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As per data collected through National Family and Health Survey (NFHS-4) conducted among more than 6 lakh households in 2015-16, Delhi is the richest state while Bihar is the poorest.

About Wealth Index formed on basis of NFHS-4:

Information collected through NFHS-4 has been used to classify all households into wealth quintiles (five equal parts, each representing 20%).
Health Index

  • Wealth in this context is represented by ownership of consumer goods such as television and bicycles, and household characteristics such as availability of clean drinking water.
  • Households that rank in the lowest quintile would be the poorest 20%, while those featuring in the top would be the richest 20% of the lot.
  • Quintile scores have further been used to classify population for states, religious and caste groups and rural-urban areas.

Wealth Index Results derived from NFHS-4 data:

The report outlines that poverty is widespread in rural India as 29% of the rural population has wealth levels equivalent to bottom 20% of the country’s population. While for urban India, the figure is just 3.3%.

  • Delhi is the richest states with 60% of their households in the top wealth quintile. Bihar is the poorest state having more than 50% households in the bottom wealth quintile.
  • Among religious communities, Jains are the richest with more than 70% of their population in the top quintile.
  • Among caste groups, Upper castes are the richest having almost double share of households in the top quintile compared to any other caste group. In terms of wealth, Scheduled Tribes are the worst-off section.

Quick Facts about National Family and Health Survey:

  • Conducted by: Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • Objective: To collect essential data on health and family welfare needed for policy and programme purpose
  • First Survey conducted in: 1992-93