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Delhi Government issues First Solar Policy

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The Delhi Government chaired by Arvind Kejriwal taken a significant step towards approval of Solar Policy aims to form the capital “an Environment-friendly solar city” through Rooftop solar System.

Recommendation of Power Capacity:

  • The policy stated the installation of 1 Giga Watt solar Power Capacity by 2020
  • Future upgradation of power capacity to 2 Giga Watt during the following five years

Outlines of Policy:solar

  • Combination of regulations, instructions, incentives and tax concessions for the growth of rooftop solar power
  • Designed by the Government of Delhi in discussion with the Dialogue and Development Commission after the meeting with local and International subject experts

Points delivered by Chief Minister:

  • Converting Delhi as a Solar City is one of the promises made during election and through this policy it would be possible that leads to provide clean and green energy.
  • Rooftop solar systems provided sustainable energy, Environmental Benefits, low gestation period, minimum transmission and distribution losses.

Points Delivered by Delhi Power Minister Satyendar Jain:

Solar power is the feasible form of green energy and had the capacity of decreasing the expenditure spent on energy through peak Shaving, improving energy security and lowering the usage of fossil fuels.

Key Features:

  • To reduce the expenditure on energy by giving clean and green energy and reduce the usage of fossil fuels which is unsustainable
  • Aims to improve the Energy security and lower the expenditure on the maintenance of existing power systems
  • Planned to install the 1 Giga Watt Solar Power capacity by 2020
  • Future target of 2 Giga Watt over the next five years
  • Combination of regulations, instructions, incentives and tax concession
  • Supports third-party-ownership, self-owned models and maintenance.
  • Necessary installation of solar panels on the Government and Public owned institution in the next five years.
  • Providing incentives for three years for residential consumers installing solar panels on their rooftops based on the power generation.