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Current Affairs Quiz – May 21 2017

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AffairsCloud brings you the complete and important daily current affairs quiz May 21 to achieve more marks in Banking , insurance, UPSC, SSC,CLAT ,railway  and all other competitive Exams.We have prepared the current affairs quiz from our current affairs today updates.

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  1. Who among the following has been given one-year extension, till May 2018, as chief of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)?
    1.A S Kiran Kumar
    2.S Christopher
    3.V K Saraswat
    4.N Subrahmanyan
    5.Sudhir Mishra
    Answer – 2.S Christopher
    Explanation :
    The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved S Christopher’s extension for a period of one year with effect from May 29, 2017. Christopher is also Secretary, Department of Defence Research and Development (DoDRD). He will continue to hold both the charges for one more year.

  2. As per the directions of the _____________, Union Ministry of Women and Child Development has developed a manual titled “Living conditions in Institutions for Children in conflict with Law”
    1.Supreme Court of India
    2.National Human Rights Commission
    3.Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)
    4.United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
    5.NITI Aayog
    Answer – 1.Supreme Court of India
    Explanation :
    The Manual has been framed within the purview of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 and Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Model Rules, 2016. It will serve as a single point reference for all aspects of the living conditions and other issues pertaining to children in conflict with law who are in Observation Homes, Special Homes and Place of Safety.

  3. Who among the following has become the first woman to conquer Mount Everest twice within five days?
    1.Anju Pul
    2.Seema Waii
    3.Lily Kena
    4.Anshu Jamsenpa
    5.Rita Taloh
    Answer – 4.Anshu Jamsenpa
    Explanation :
    Arunachal Pradesh mountaineer Anshu Jamsenpa has become the world’s first woman to scale Mt Everest twice in five days. Her ascent of the world’s tallest peak in the Himalayas on May 21, 2017 was her fifth overall, and the second after May 16, 2017.

  4. India and other solar rich countries including Argentina, Burkina-Faso, Chad, France, Ivory Coast, Mali, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Sénégal, Uganda and Yemenhave jointly supported commissioning of a study to define and structure a CRMM for solar power generation projects in solar rich countries. Abbreviation CRMM stands for:
    1.Comprehensive Risk Mitigation Mechanism
    2.Consolidated Risk Mitigation Mechanism
    3.Common Risk Management Mechanism
    4.Comprehensive Risk Management Mechanism
    5.Common Risk Mitigation Mechanism
    Answer –5.Common Risk Mitigation Mechanism
    Explanation :
    The proposed CRMM will facilitate in creating a secure environment for private institutional investment in solar assets. It will help to diversify and pool risks on mutualized public resources and unlock significant investments.

  5. According to the new UNICEF report titled “A Child is a Child: Protecting children on the move from violence, abuse and exploitation”, at least _______ unaccompanied and separated children were recorded in some 80 countries in the combined years of 2015 and 2016.
    Answer – 1.300000
    Explanation :
    Out of the 300000 unaccompanied and separated children, 170000 sought asylum in Europe. Most of them arrived in Europe by undertaking a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea. About 100000 children were counted at US-Mexico border.

  6. Next Arctic Energy Summit(AES) will be held from September 18-20, 2017 in:
    Answer – 2.Finland
    Explanation :
    The 4th biennial 2017 Arctic Energy Summit will be held in Helsinki, Finland, from September 18-20, 2017. It will be hosted by Institute of the North and Finland Ministry of Economy and Employment.

  7. Jaipur Literature Festival was inaugurated on May 21, 2017 in:
    1.New York, US
    2.Paris, France
    3.London, UK
    4.Berlin, Germany
    5.Tokyo, Japan
    Answer – 3.London, UK
    Explanation :
    The Jaipur Literature Festival was inaugurated in London to present a sumptuous showcase of South Asia’s literary heritage, oral and performing arts, books and ideas, dialogue and debate.The British Library, the second largest library in the world hosted this festival.

  8. Which three Indian companies have been named in the list of top 50 luxury goods firms?
    1.Gitanjali Gems, Titan and Kalyan Jewellers
    2.Gitanjali Gems, Arvind and Kalyan Jewellers
    3.PC Jewellers, Arvind and Titan
    4.Gitanjali Gems, Titan and PC Jewellers
    5.PC Jewellers, Titan, Kalyan Jewellers
    Answer – 4.Gitanjali Gems, Titan and PC Jewellers
    Explanation :
    Gitanjali Gems Ltd ranked 30th rank, followed by Titan Company (31st) and PC Jeweller (44th) in the fourth annual Global Powers of Luxury Goods report. Among the top 10 companies globally, three are luxury conglomerates participating in multiple sectors of the luxury good market.

  9. Who among the following Indian peacekeepers will be honored posthumously with UN medal?
    1.Brijesh Thapa and Private Ravi Kumar
    2.Brijesh Thapa and Akhilendra Singh
    3.Akhilendra Singh and Private Ravi Kumar
    4.Brijesh Thapa and Baldev Tomar
    5.Baldev Tomar and Private Ravi Kumar
    Answer – 1.Brijesh Thapa and Private Ravi Kumar
    Explanation :
    Two Indian peacekeepers, Rifleman Brijesh Thapa and Private Ravi Kumar are among the 117 military, police and civilian personnel to be honoured with the prestigious Dag Hammarskjold Medal by the United Nations posthumously for their courage and sacrifice in the line of duty.

  10. Banga Samman awards were instituted in which year?
    Answer – 2.2011
    Explanation :
    Thespian Soumitra Chatterjee and India’s longest serving boss Y.C. Deveshwar were conferred the Banga Samman, West Bengal’s highest civilian award, by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on May 20, 2017. The Banga Samman awards were instituted in 2011, after Banerjee came to power.

  11. ___________, a German policewoman is all set to become the first female referee to officiate a match in Europe’s top leagues next season
    1.Mia Weber
    2.Emma Schneider
    3.Bibiana Steinhaus
    4.Marie Fischer
    5.Lina Schmidt
    Answer – 3.Bibiana Steinhaus
    Explanation :
    Bibiana Steinhaus, a 38-year-old German policewoman will become the first female referee in Europe’s top leagues after she was promoted to officiate in the Bundesliga on May 19, 2017. Bibiana Steinhaus has been a fourth official for Bundesliga matches.

  12. Scientists at NASA have named a new organism discovered on the International Space Station (ISS)after:
    1.Mahatma Gandhi
    2.Martin Luther
    3.Nelson Mandela
    4.APJ Abdul Kalam
    5.Florence Nightingale
    Answer – 4.APJ Abdul Kalam
    Explanation :
    Researchers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the foremost lab of NASA for work on inter-planetary travel, discovered the new bacteria on the filters of the International Space Station (ISS) and named it Solibacillus Kalamii to honour APJAbdul Kalam, who was a renowned scientist.

  13. Who among the following has won 2 gold medals in the first Asia level yoga competition in Thailand?
    1.Vaishnavi shone
    2.Mithila Shukre
    3.Prachi Lenka
    4.Priyanka Patil
    5.Vaibhavi Gandhi
    Answer – 1.Vaishnavi shone
    Explanation :
    Coimbatore girl Vaishnavi shone has won the first Asia level yoga competition in Thailand recently by winning two gold medals in the junior category (13 to 15 years) and the overall championship. Over 150 participants from Singapore and Thailand, apart from India, took part in the meet held in Bangkok.

  14. Who among the following Indian Grand Masters, beat Russian Grand Master Ian Nepomniachtchi in his eighth round tie in the Moscow FIDE Grand Prix?
    1.Bharat nambiar
    2.Pentala Harikrishna
    3.Askash Bapat
    4.Suman Nair
    5.Kinchit Mehta
    Answer – 2.Pentala Harikrishna
    Explanation :
    After claiming his second victory of the tournament, Harikrishna climbs up to 12th position on the table amassing a total of four points. He will take on Teimour Radjabov of Azerbaijan in his last round game in the quest to achieve a higher rank in the tournament and for a spot at the Candidates tournament.

  15. Stanley Greene, who passed away on May 19, 2017, was a renowned:
    1.Novel Writer
    2.Nuclear Physicist
    3.War photographer
    4.American Historian
    5.Football Player
    Answer – 3.War Photographer
    Explanation :
    Stanley Greene, whose visceral and brutally honest images of conflict and fearlessness in the most perilous of places made him one of the leading war photographers of his generation, died on May 19, 2017, in Paris. He was 68.

  16. ‘World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development’ is observed on which date every year?
    1.17th May
    2.18th May
    3.19th May
    4.20th May
    5.21st May
    Answer – 5.21st May
    Explanation :
    The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is a United Nations–sanctioned international holiday for the promotion of diversity issues. This day is an opportunity to help communities understand the value of cultural diversity and learn how to live together in harmony.

  17. 21st May is observed in India as:
    1.Anti-Terrorism Day
    2.National Vaccination Day
    3.Indian Customs Day
    4.Indian Army Day
    5.Indian Navy Day
    Answer – 1.Anti-Terrorism Day
    Explanation :
    Observance of Anti-Terrorism Day in India is aimed at raising awareness on the destructive consequences of terrorism on mankind. Anti-Terrorism Day is observed to commemorate the death anniversary of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi

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