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Current Affairs Quiz – April 6 2017

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs April 2017 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. Who will be the chairman of National Board of Electric Mobility (NBEM), which was constituted by Government of India on April 3, 2017?
    A.Girish Shankar
    B.Hasmukh Adhia
    C.Ashok Lavasa
    D.Arvind Subramanian
    Answer – A. Girish Shankar
    Explanation :
    The Union Government constituted National Board of Electric Mobility (NBEM) on April 3, 2017 to promote electric mobility and manufacturing of electric (& hybrid) vehicles and their components. As per the structure laid out for the board, Secretary of the Department of Heavy Industry will be the chairperson. Current Secretary of the Department of Heavy Industry is Girish Shankar.

  2. On April 6, 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of a multi-modal terminal on river Ganga in which district of Jharkhand?
    Answer – A.Sahibganj
    Explanation :
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Jharkhand to lay the foundation stone of a multi-modal terminal on river Ganga in Sahibganj district on April 6, 2017. Sahibganj terminal is the 2nd out of 3 multi-modal terminals to be constructed on National Waterway-1 (NW-1) from Varanasi to Haldia. In May 2016, Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) had awarded the contract for the construction of a multi-modal terminal at Varanasi. The 3rd terminal is to be constructed at Haldia city in West Bengal.

  3. Union Cabinet has approved a proposal to set up a regulator for Indian Railways to recommend passenger and freight fares and set the performance benchmarks. This authority will be named as:
    A.Railway Fares Regulatory Authority
    B.Railway Control and Maintenance Authority
    C.Railway Development Authority
    D.Railway Investment Regulation Authority
    Answer – C. Railway Development Authority
    Explanation :
    Railway Development Authority (RDA) will be based in New Delhi. Rs.50 crore has been earmarked to set up the authority. Its functions will be regulated by Railway Act, 1989.

  4. Union Home Ministry’s proposal for extending the implementation of the CCTNS project for one year till March 2018 has been approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs. Abbreviation CCTNS stands for:
    A.Crime Control Tracking Network and Systems
    B.Critical Crime Tracking Network and Systems
    C.Crime and Criminals Tracking Network and Systems
    D.Crime and Conspiracy Tracking Network and Systems
    Answer – C.Crime and Criminals Tracking Network and Systems
    Explanation :
    Crime and Criminals Tracking Network and Systems was approved in 2009 and is implemented by National Crime Records Bureau. One-year extension will help the Govt. to achieve the pending goals of CCTNS.

  5. In April 2017, Union Cabinet approved MoU with Bangladesh for cooperation in which area?
    A.Mass Media
    B.Audio Visual Co-productions
    C.Passenger cruise services on the coastal and protocol routes
    D.All of the above
    Answer – D.All of the above
    Explanation :
    Ahead of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s official visit to India from April 7 to 10, Indian cabinet approved various bilateral MoUs with Bangladesh. These MoUs pertain to cooperation in Mass Media, Audio Visual Co-productions and Passenger cruise services on the coastal and protocol routes.

  6. Jhargram’ has been declared as 22nd district of which Indian State?
    A.Madhya Pradesh
    C.West Bengal
    D.Andhra Pradesh
    Answer – C.West Bengal
    Explanation :
    West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on April 4, 2017 declared Jhargram as the 22nd district of West Bengal. Jhargram has been bifurcated from West Midnapore and it has a population of more than 11.37 lakh.

  7. Which among the following is set to become the first country in the world to neutralise gender pay gap?
    Answer – C. Iceland
    Explanation :
    Iceland’s parliament has presented a bill that would require public and private businesses to prove they offer equal pay to employees. This would be the first such requirement in the world.

  8. Post announcement of RBI’s First Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Statement for financial year 2017-18 on 6th April 2017, the Reverse Repo Rate stands at:
    Answer – D. 6.00%
    Explanation :
    On 6th April 2017, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced First Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Statement for financial year 2017-18. Repo Rate was left unchanged at 6.25%. Reverse Repo Rate has been hiked by 25 basis points and now stands at 6.00%.

  9. The Indian Railways Organization for Alternate Fuel (IROAF) signed an agreement with _____________ for constructing the 2 Megawatt roof top solar power plant under the government’s Achievement Linked Incentive scheme.
    A.Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL)
    C.Adani Power
    D.Reliance Power
    Answer – A.Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL)
    Explanation :
    The plant is set to be made to work within next 10 months. It will be set up at Diesel-Loco Modernization Works formerly known as Diesel Component Works, Patiala. This is the first project under the Achievement Linked Incentive or Award Scheme of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) for government buildings.

  10. Which veteran Bollywood actress has won NTR National Film Award 2013?
    A.Sharmila Tagore
    B.Jaya Prada
    C.Hema Malini
    Answer – C.Hema Malini
    Explanation :
    NTR National Film Award for the year 2012 and 2013 were announced at the Film Development Corporation office in Hyderabad by Andhra Pradesh government. Each NTR award winners will get Rs.5 lakh and a citation.

  11. Who among the following took charge as new Executive Director of RBI?
    A.Avani Parikh
    B.Prabha Menon
    C.Malvika Sinha
    D.Shikha Patni
    Answer – C.Malvika Sinha
    Explanation :
    Malvika Sinha started her career in the year 1982 with RBI. As Executive Director, Ms. Sinha will take over Foreign Exchange Department, Department of Government and Bank Accounts and Internal Debt Management Department.

  12. Kenichi Yokoyama has taken over as the new Country Director of India Resident Mission of which international financial organisation?
    A.International Monetary Fund
    B.World Bank
    C.New Development Bank
    D.Asian Development Bank
    Answer – D.Asian Development Bank
    Explanation :
    Kenichi Yokoyama replaces M Teresa Kho who is now posted as Deputy Director General of ADBs East Asia Department in Manila. Yokoyama was previously heading the Nepal Resident Mission of ADB.

  13. Who among the following has been appointed as the new Chairman of National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM)for the year 2017-18?
    A.Raman Roy
    B.Vikas Sadhu
    C.Akshay Rathi
    D.Shankar Joshi
    Answer – A. Raman Roy
    Explanation :
    Raman Roy is Chairman and Managing Director of Quatrro Global Services, a leading Business Process Management (BPM) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company. Raman Roy will take over from C P Gurnani, MD and chief executive officer of Tech Mahindra.

  14. A new tree-living crab species named Kani maranjandu has been found by Scientists in:
    D.Andaman & Nicobar Islands
    Answer – C. Kerala
    Explanation :
    The new tree-living crab species named Kani maranjandu has been found by Scientists from University of Kerala in Kerala. It was stated in the Journal of Crustacean Biology. This Crab has hard upper shell, reproductive parts and diagnostic elongated walking legs.

  15. The Indian football team has ranked at _____ position from 132nd in the latest FIFA rankings which was released on April 6, 2017
    Answer – C.101st
    Explanation :
    After two decades, the Indian football team has risen to 101st from 132nd in the latest FIFA rankings which was released on April 6, 2017. Brazil retained its top position. Indian team also ranked 11th in Asia. The Asian list is topped by Iran which has been placed at 28th position in overall ranking.

  16. ‘International Day of Sport for Development and Peace’ is celebrated on which date every year?
    A.3rd April
    B.4th April
    C.5th April
    D.6th April
    Answer –D. 6th April
    Explanation :
    The United Nations proclaimed 6th April as International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on August 23, 2013. The day also coincides with the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896.