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CSIR-CMERI Develops Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Processing Facility

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CSIR-CMERI’s Revolutionary Decentralised Waste Management technologyOn October 18, 2020 In an effort to address the issue of ‘Sustainable Processing of Municipal Solid Waste’, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) developed Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) Processing Facility


The CSIR-CMERI MSW Technology intends to achieve a Zero-Landfill and a Zero Waste City and envisions to develop job creation opportunities.

Note– CSIR-CMERI primarily focuses to relieve the common households from segregation responsibilities through Advanced Segregation techniques. The adopted Bio-Digestion process  has a minimum pollution factor.

Key Info about Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Processing Facility


i.It has helped to achieve decentralised decimation of solid wastes.

ii.It helped to create value-added end-products from numerous available unnecessary stuff like Dry Leaves, Dry Grass etc. 

iii.The facility helps to create a revived Green Energy reliant India.

iii.It can greatly  reduce transportation Logistics related expenditure and helps to reduce CO2(Carbon dioxide) emissions by minimising  the use of fossil fuel.

iv.The Scientifically decentralized waste processing hubs will help increase outreach for different locations and also increase potential for the residents of the area.


i.In order to deal with various ranges of waste including masks, etc., it has been equipped with special capabilities.

ii.It also has special disinfection capabilities to help Break the COVID Chain through UV( Ultraviolet)-C Lights and Hot-Air Convection methods. 

iii.Solar Energy technology has been embedded in the MSW facility. 


The solid waste disposal was created using Plasma Arc, converting wastes into plasma state for proper disposal.

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Council of Scientific & Industrial Research-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute is abbreviated as CSIR-CMERI 
Headquarters– Durgapur, West Bengal
Director– Prof. (Dr.) Harish Hirani