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BOB Manipal PO Exam Questions – April 18 2015 Morning Shift

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Dear Aspirants,

We have retrieved some GK Questions from Aspirants who attend the BOB Manipal PO Exam – April 18 2015. If you follow AffairsCloud regularly, we are very sure that you can be able to answer all Questions easily. We ve covered all these questions in our Quiz section. We hope you guys did your exam well. Let’s be positive and hope for the best.

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BOB Manipal PO Exam  GK Questions April 18 2015 Morning Shift  

  • World Economic Forum(WEF) Annual Meeting 2015 held in ? – Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
  • Laadli voice of the century award – Lata Mangeshkar
  • First the State in the country to launch an e-ration card service ? – Delhi
  • Who won best actress in National Award? – Kangana Ranaut
  • Who received Tyler prize recently? – Madhav Gadgil
  • PPF Interest rate – 8.70%
  • Bankimoon inaugrated 10MW solar plant at – Vadodara
  • BSBDA account can be opened by weaker sections, bpl, anyone – anyone can open this account
  • Singapore currency – Singapore dollar
  • UNO HQ – New York
  • Currency is printed with association of – RBI & GOI
  • E-kyc give to those who have – Aadhar Card
  • Germany capital – Berlin
  • Pension fund rate – 8.75%
  • Deposits of banks are insured by – DICGC
  • PNB Headquaeter – New Delhi
  • In BSBDA account what amount should not exceed in a year – 1 lakh
  • Which bank is started for msme sector – Mudra Bank
  • Which Novel received 2015 Folio Fiction Prize? – Family Life
  • 2015 ICC final played between? – Australia and New Zealand
  • Ratings of two banks have been reduced by Moody’s – Central Bank of India & Indian Overseas Bank
  • Investment limit on micro enterprise limit – 25 lakhs
  • 1st indian woman shuttler to achieve top rank in Badminton – Saina Nehwal
  • Deposits of banks are insured by – DICGC
  • Which tax exempted in this budget? – Wealth Tax
  • Basel norms last date – 31st March 2019
  • Current SLR – 21.5%
  • Rate at which rbi borrows from commercial banks? – Reverse Repor Rate
  • Who received Tyler prize recently? – Madhav Gadgill
  • Theme of Surajkund Mela? – Chhattisgarh
  • World Consumer’s day – 15th March
  • Paper to print currency is imported from which 2 countries? – Germany & Japan
  • Base rate is applicable from which year? – 2010
  • Income tax exemption limit? – 2.5 Lakhs
  • Which bipartite statement resulted into hike of banking wages – 10th 
  • Ratings of two banks have been reduced by Moody’s – Central Bank of India & Indian Overseas

Thanks For Sharing your Experience & Questions

Exam Experience Share by Richa Sharma

I attempted 127 (Without any Tukka’s).
GK – 40
Quant – 21
Reasoning – 27
English – 39

Paper was quite easy but of course time consuming.
Gk – Question were asked from past three months till march end.
To the best of my elephantine memory I could remember.

1. 3-4 question On budget (IT Slab etc)
2. One simple question on MUDRA Bank
3. World Cup Final Match Played between
4. Questions of various schemes launched (Sukanya Sammrudhi and )
5. Headquater of UNO
6. Where was the Work Economic Forum Conf Took Place
7. One Question on MSME
8. PPF fund ROI

Quant – Question were too easy just need to speed up. O/w Would have solved everthing

1. 5 Question on DI (too easy to solve)
2. 4 Question on Series
3. Question on Boats and Stream
4. Allegation and Mixture (You can simply attempt it just looking at answer option)
5. Percentage
6. Average
7. Ratio And Proportion

I could solve only 22 as were loosing watch.

Reasoning – Too Easy that If given a time could have shot all of the question.

1. Two on Arrangement (Who lives on which floor and one on seating arrangement)
2. Syllogism
3. Operator
4. Coding Decoding

Overall I could Attempt 27 accurately.
1. Parajumble
2. Synonym
3. Antonym
4. Sentence correction
5. Word formation
6. Fill in the blank with appropriate word
7. Reading Comprehension (Which I did not solve)
Overall It not not so tough.

Exam Experience Share by MystiQue

my attempts 132
ga- moderate 26
maths-moderate 31
reasoning-easy 47
english-moderate 28

maths –
4 di, 5 data sufficiency, 5 inequality, 5 approximation, 5 series, and 10 misc

puzzle (table and floor)(20) , data sufficiency(5) , conclusion(3), syllogs(5) , inequality (5) , blood relation (5), order and ranking (5) 2 alphabetical arrangement

comprehension, cloze test(10) , error detection, replacement of words , sentence rearrangement


which bipartite statement resulted into hike of banking wages?
who isures bank deposits? dicgc
who finance mse?
20000 cr bank ? mudra
payment of md and ceo of which bank ?
recently 9600 vr invested in which bank ?
rev repo ?
tyler prize ?
folio prize?
paper of currency note from which countries ?
current slr rate ?
how many a/c can be opened by sukanya samriddhi yojana ?
e ration card?
world consumer rights day ?
Germany captital?
singapore currency?

world economic forum held in ?
basel norms last date ?

Exam Experience Shared by Jack sPaRRow

BOB MANIPAL (PO) exam experience –Morning shift(18 april)

very easy consists puzzle(sitting,line,floor) arrangement, syllogism,
equality-inquality relation, blood relation,statement-(cause- effect)

Quant- lengthy
but moderate- 4*5=20 passage DI
questions, profit-loss etc. same as IBPS
PO level

easy come moderate consists moderate passage, fill in the blanks,error –finding,

GA- moderate, some questions are following-

MUDRA bank limit?
Payment bank individual customer upper limit?
Who won National award for 2014 best actress
Saina nehwal related?
Banking ombudsman?
World consumer rights day?
UNO headquarters?
Latest policies of RBI?
Basel 3 norms extended date?
Singapore currency?
Germany capital?
World economic annual summit 2015 held in?
Surajkund craft mela 2015 theme of state?
PPF interest rate?
BPLR committee headed by?
Base rate come into effect from which date?
e-ration card first initiated by which state?
Present SLR?

My attempt-
Reasoning- 44
Quant- 30
English- 37
Total- 147

Exam Experience share by Rude maverick

Complete analysis

QA –>
3 Di moderate level (1 bar graph . 1 table di , one di related to pie chart )
1 caselet di . over di part was a bit language based lengthy .
Language problem really very tough .
5 series easy , 5 Quadratic easy and 5 simplyfication .

2. Reasoning part was a bit easy
2 seating arrangement , 2 puzzle floor qise and blood relation .
5 marks coding decoding and 5,syllogisms and 5 en equality and some LR and DS quest .

Eng as usual but seems easy for me .
Error spooting and fill in blanks were easy

most of the questions from current news and banking awareness .
I think it was also the easiest section
Possible attempts

Ga – 30-40
Reasoning 30-35
QA 15-25
Eng 25-30
My attemots were 121 and maths only 17

Exam Experiance Share by Suraj Gupta
My Attempts –
Reasoning – 43
Quants – 26
English – 44
G.A – 34
Total – 147

Some GA Questions –

*Capital of Germany
*Which Tax abolished and 2% surcharge is increased for income above 1 crore?
*Which bank was not part of capital infusion?
*How many accounts can be opened for each girl child under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojna Account?
*How much % provided in Pension fund deposit?
*20000cr bank name?
*Upper limit for each customer in Payment Bank?
*Customer Complaint of banks is reviewed by______ appointed by RBI?
*Which organisation insures bank savings a/c customer?
*Which Ace suttler become world number 1 from India?
*RBi when takes money from commercial bank it is called?
*BASEL III implementation date extended by?
*Currency of Singapore?
*SLR at present?
*e – ration is first started in which state?
*Theme state of Surajkund mela?
*World consumer rights day is on?
*Who won National award for best actress?
I am unable to recall other questions :)