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Bengaluru ranks 40 among top 50 cities for women entrepreneurs – Dell

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Bengaluru has ranked 40th out of 50 cities on Women Entrepreneur (WE) Cities Index 2017 study released by Dell. The index ranks cities in terms of its ability to attract and foster growth of women-owned firms.

Highlights of Women Entrepreneur (WE) Cities Index 2017:

Besides Bengaluru, the only other Indian city in the top 50 list is Delhi at 49th spot.

  • New York topped the list, followed by Bay Area (US), London (UK), Boston (US) and Bengaluru ranks 40 among top 50 cities for women entrepreneurs - DellStockholm (Sweden).
  • Singapore was at the 8th spot, the only city from Asia Pacific and Japan region.
  • In the top 10 cities overall, six are in the U.S., two are in Europe, one is in Canada and one is in Asia.
  • Study outlined that globally, women’s entrepreneurship rates are growing more than 10% each year.

Women Entrepreneur (WE) Cities Index – Top 10:

1New York (US)
2Bay Area (US)
3London (UK)
4Boston (US)
5Stockholm (Sweden)
6Los Angeles (US)
7Washington D.C. (US)
9Toronto (Canada)
10Seattle (US)

About Women Entrepreneur (WE) Cities Index study:

Women Entrepreneur (WE) Cities Index is released annually by Dell, a multinational computer technology company based in Texas, US.

  • Cities were ranked on five important characteristics: capital, technology, talent, culture and markets. These pillars were organized into two groups — operating environment and enabling environment.
  • The overall rating is based on 72 indicators; 45 of these, nearly two-thirds, have a gender-based component. Individual indicators were weighted based on four criteria: relevance, quality of underlying data, uniqueness in the index and gender component.
  • Dell’s WE Cities Index provides a diagnostic tool to advise entrepreneurs and policy-makers on how to improve conditions to enable businesses founded by women to thrive.