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Bengaluru outranks San Francisco in Confidence to Go Digital

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According to a report based on a survey by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), published on November 7, 2017, India’s Silicon Valley – Bengaluru has been adjudged as the best city among 45 cities for the confidence of its businesses in their ability to go digital.

About Economist Intelligence Unit’s ‘Confidence to go Digital’ survey:

EIU conducted this survey to check which cities across the world provide the best environment for their businesses to go digital.

  • Confidence of businesses within the cities was assessed in four categories viz. innovation and entrepreneurship, development of new technologies, financial environment, Information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and people/skills.
  • 2620 executives in 45 cities participated in this survey which was conducted in June and July 2017.
  • EIU conducted this survey in partnership with telecommunications firm Telstra Corp.

Highlights of Economist Intelligence Unit’s ‘Confidence to go Digital’ survey:

Bengaluru ranked at the top, ahead of San Francisco as business leaders in Bengaluru expressed the highest confidence in their digital environment in all four categories.Bengaluru ranked world's most affordable tech city

  • San Francisco, US ranked at No. 2, followed by other two Indian cities, Mumbai (No.3) and New Delhi (No.4).
  • Almost 48% of executives who participated in this survey expressed that their firms can consider relocating operations to a city with a more favourable external environment.
  • As reflected from the rankings, seven of the 10 highest confidence levels were recorded in emerging Asian cities, whereas eight of the 10 lowest ranking cities fall in the developed cities definition.

Economist Intelligence Unit’s ‘Confidence to go Digital’ survey – Top 10 cities

1Bengaluru, India
2San Francisco, US
3Mumbai, India
4New Delhi, India
5Beijing, China
6Manila, Philippines
7Shanghai, China
8Jakarta, Indonesia
9London, UK
10Madrid, Spain