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Attack on afghan parliament by Taliban failed

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Afghan Security forces have foiled Afghan Taliban’s attempt to seize Afghan parliament. 9 people including 2 civilians (a woman and a child) died in the attack and many were injured.

Why did Taliban attack?

Mohammed Masoom Stanekzai was being appointed as defence minister of Afghanistan by the parliament. That post was vacant since 9 months. Apparently the Taliban planned to kill the defence minister, who earlier survived a suicide bombing.

Rise of Afghan Taliban:

US officially ended the withdrawal of its combat troops from Afghan soil on 31st December 2014. NATO has maintained 13,000 troops including 9,800 Americans in an “advisory and counter-terrorism capacity” in Afghanistan. This withdrawal has given strengthened Taliban again. The NATO trained Afghan Army has not been effective against Taliban attacks.

Recently there was a clash between Taliban and ISIS inspired ex-Taliban members about the nature of the insurgency they are carrying out. The clash occurred in May, killing 27 people. With ISIS influence growing in the country, Afghan Taliban is increasing its offensive against government to stay relevant. Like ISIS, Taliban is also aiming to expand the territory under its occupation. Two days ago it seized, control of Chardara district in Kunduz province and is moving closer towards the provincial capital, Kunduz city. This is the first time that the Taliban had taken control of an entire district in years.

Stable and democratic Afghanistan is in India’s interest. India needs to take steps to support Afghan government against Taliban and ISIS.

Related info:

  • President of Afghanistan: Ashraf Ghani
  • Chief executive Officer of Afghanistan: Abdullah Abdullah
  • Both Ghani and Abdullah ran for president in 2014 elections, but reconciled to form a unity government in which both have power and a new post of CEO was created
  • The parliament of Afghanistan is called the National Assembly. It’s new building was constructed with India’s help