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Asia Pacific listed in most Vulnerable Region to Disaster

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As per United Nations Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2015, Asia pacific region is the most disaster-prone region of the world. It has been witnessed 1,625 disasters during the last 10 years which accounts 40% of the globe.

  • The world body urged the region’s governments to invest more in adapting to climate change and preparing for disasters as the risks the region faces are worsened by its rapid economic growth and increasing population.

Asia Pacific listed in most Vulnerable Region to DisasterHighlights of UN Report

  • Over 1.4 billion people were affected by these incidents.
  • 772 million poor people in the region are susceptible to disasters and tend to live in low-value, hazard-prone areas of slums, steep slopes, flood plains and river-banks.
  • The region needs to spend more on adapting to climate change and prepare for more extreme weather and disaster risks.
  • Other disasters affecting the region include floods, tropical storms and droughts. The report calls them as “silent killers”
  • 90% of the world’s seismic activity originates in the “ring of fire” which is situated in the basin of the Pacific Ocean.

Most Disaster Prone Countries in the World
Vanuatu: It is the world’s most “at-risk” country for natural hazards.
Disaster risk rate – 36.43%
Philippines: Disaster-prone country in the world because of its high exposure to natural calamities.
Disaster risk rate – 27.52%
Bangladesh: the country lacks the adequate mangrove forests and coastal embankment.
Disaster risk rate – 19.81%
Mauritius: Standing at the 13th position in the list.
Disaster risk rate – 15.18%
Japan: Earthquakes and tsunamis are a huge concern in Japan at any given time.
Disaster risk rate – 14.10%

Least Disaster Prone Countries in the World
The 10 least natural disaster prone countries – Qatar, Malta, Barbados, Saudi Arabia, Grenada, Iceland, Kiribati, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Sweden.

  • India stands at the 100th position of the least disaster prone countries in the world with a disaster risk rate of 7.17%.