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Amendments to the Delimitation Act, 2002- approved by Cabinet

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The Union cabinet headed by PM  Narendra Modi on February 17 gave its assent to the Amendments of Delimitation Act,2002.This is in continuation of Constitution (100th Amendment)Act, 2015 and it further allows the introduction of Election laws amendment bill in 2016.

Amendments to the Delimitation Act, 2002- approved by Cabinet

History of the Bill

  • In a historically important pact signed between Bangladesh and India on 31st July 2015, it was agreed to exchange 51 Bangladesh enclaves and 111 Indian enclaves
  • As a result the demography of Cooch behar district in Bengal was altered
  • Hence the Election commission of India requested to amend the section 11 of Delimitation Act(2002) and section 9 of the People Representation Act,1950.

Features of the bill

  • This bill enables the Election Commission of India to carry out delimitation of both parliamentary and assembly constituencies
  • This will be enforced before the assembly elections held for 294 constituencies in this year
  • It will enable 14000 voters who were in the Indian enclave to poll their votes and also provides voting rights for the 921 citizens who came from Bangladesh

Key points

  • Delimitation refers to fixing limits or boundaries of territorial constituency of a country providing a legislation body to that area
  • Delimitation commissions have been constituted in India for 4times in the years 1952, 1963, 1973 & 2002