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Hi Aspirants,

We are glad to inform you all that our questions have appeared in National Level Examination. We are honored by your encourage and support. We are always put all our efforts to provide best things as much we could.

Now we are in position to take more responsibility to continue our service and also to clarify some suspicious is going on in social media about our website AffairsCloud.

We sincerely thanks to our team mates showing their honesty towards AC by providing their complete effort and hard work to elevate AffairsCloud.

Original IB ACIO 2017 Question Paper PDF

Total questions asked from Affairscloud – 19 Q

    1. The average price of 80 mobile phones is Rs.30,000. If the highest and lowest price mobile phones are sold out then the average price of remaining 78 mobile phones is Rs. 29,500. The cost of the highest mobile is Rs.80,000. The cost of lowest price mobile is?
      A. Rs. 18000
      B. Rs. 15000
      C. Rs. 19000
      D. Can’t be determined
      E. None of these.
      Q.No 1 in this page
    2. In a Company the average income of all the employees is Rs. 20000 per month. Recently the company announced increment of Rs. 2000 per month for all the employees. The new average income of all the employees is?
      A. 22000
      B. 24000
      C. 28000
      D. 26000
      E. None of these
      Q.No 2 in this page
    3. The average expenditure of Sharma for the January to June is Rs. 4200 and he spent Rs. 1200 in January and  Rs.1500 in July. The average expenditure for the months of February to July is:
      A. 2750
      B. 3250
      C. 4250
      D. 4500
      E. 3500
      Q.No 4 in this page
    4. Pranav went to the bank at the speed of 60 kmph while returning for his home he covered the half of the distance at the speed of 10 kmph, but suddenly he realized that he was getting late so he increased the speed and reached the home by covering rest half of the distance at the speed of 30 kmph.The average speed of the Pranav in the whole length of journey is?
      A. 24 kmph
      B. 14 kmph
      C. 16 kmph
      D. 10 kmph
      E. 28 kmph
      Q.No 3 in this page
    5. The average presence of students of a class in a College on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdayis 32 and on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday is 30. if the average number of students on all the six days is 26 then the number of students who attended the class on Wednesday is?
      A. 50
      B. 40
      C. 60
      D. 70
      E. 80
      Q.No 6 in in this page
    6. Suresh started his journey from P to Q by his bike at the speed of 40 kmph and then, the same distance he travelled on his foot at the speed of 10 kmph from Q to R. Then he returned from R to P via Q at the speed of 24 kmph. The average speed of the whole trip is:
      A. 18.5 kmph
      B. 19.8 kmph
      C. 18.2 kmph
      D. 19.2 kmph
      E. None of these
      Q.No 7 in this page
    7. Ramesh walked 6 km to reach the station from his house, then he boarded a train whose average speed was 60 kmph and thus he reached his destination. In this way he took a total time of 3 hours. If the average speed of the entire journey was 32 kmph then the average speed of walking is:
      A. 5 kmph
      B. 8 kmph
      C. 2 kmph
      D. 4 kmph
      E. None of these
      Q.No 8 in this page
    8. Bala travels first one-third of the total distance at the speed of 10 kmph and the next one-third distance at the speed of 20 kmph and the last one – third distance at the speed of 60 kmph. What is the average speed of Bala?
      A. 18 kmph
      B. 19 kmph
      C. 16 kmph
      D. 12 kmph
      E. None of these
      Q.No 9 in this page
    9. The distance of the School and house of Suresh is 80km. One day he was late by 1 hour than the normal time to leave for the college, so he increased his speed by 4km/h and thus he reached to college at the normal time. What is the changed speed of Suresh?
      A. 28 kmph
      B. 25 kmph
      C. 20 kmph
      D. 24 kmph
      Q.No 1 in this page
    10. Anita goes to College at 20 km/h and reaches college 4 minutes late. Next time she goes at 25 km/h and reaches the college 2 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. What is the distance of her school?
      A. 16 km
      B. 12 km
      C. 15 km
      D. 10 km
      Q.No 2 in this page
    11. Two places R and S are 800 km apart from each other. Two persons start from R towards S at an interval of 2 hours. Whereas A leaves R for S before B. The speeds of A and B are 40 kmph and 60 kmph respectively. B overtakes A at M, which is on the way from R to S. What is the ratio of time taken by A and B to meet at M?
      A. 1:3
      B. 1:2
      C. 1:4
      D. 3:2
      Q.No 3 in this page
    12. Two places R and S are 800 km apart from each other. Two persons start from R towards S at an interval of 2 hours. Whereas A leaves R for S before B. The speeds of A and B are 40 kmph and 60 kmph respectively. B overtakes A at M, which is on the way from R to S. What is the distance from R, where B overtakes A?
      A. 260 km
      B. 235 km
      C. 240 km
      D. 300 km
      Q.No 7 in this page
    13. Ajay covers certain distance with his own speed but when he reduces his speed by 10kmph his time duration for the journey increases by 40 hours while if he increases his speed by 5 kmph from his original speed he takes 10 hours less than the original time taken. Find the distance covered by him. 
      A. 1000 km
      B. 1200 km
      C. 1500 km
      D. 1800 km
      Q.No 5 in this page
    14. The driver of an ambulance sees a college bus 40 m ahead of him after 20 seconds, the college bus is 60 meter behind. If the speed of the ambulance is 30 km/h, what is the speed of the college bus?
      A. 10 kmph
      B. 12 kmph
      C. 15 kmph
      D. 22 kmph
      Q.No 6 in this page
    15. Two rabbits start running towards each other, one from A to B and another from B to A. They cross each other after one hour and the first rabbit reaches B, 5/6 hour before the second rabbit reaches A. If the distance between A and B is 50 km. what is the speed of the slower rabbit?
      A. 20 kmph
      B. 10 kmph
      C. 15 kmph
      D. 25 kmph
      Q.No 8 in this page
    16. Pranav walked at 5 kmph for certain part of the journey and then he took an auto for the remaining part of the journey travelling at 25 kmph. If he took 10 hours for the entire journey, what part of journey did he travelled by auto if the average speed of the entire journey be 17 kmph
      A. 750 km
      B. 100 km
      C. 150 km
      D. 200 km
      Q.No 9 in this page
    17. 5, 12, ?, 41, 87, 214
      5.None of these 1 in
    18. 14, ?, 13, 17.5, 21.75
      5.None of these 2 in
    19. 15, 5, 4.5,, ?
      5.None of these 3 in

We confidently say No, Never before and Never ever. Some users are spreading unnecessary things about Affairs Cloud that we have changed the questions from old post after the examination question paper has released. We clear to all those who raised this kind of questions that we don’t want such a low publicity by doing this. We are honestly putting lot of efforts to give best things and please find the below proof.

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