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ADB releases 52nd Edition of the Key Indicators for Asia & the Pacific, 2021

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Asian Development Bank (ADB) has released the 52nd Edition of the Key Indicators for Asia & the Pacific, 2021

  • It was prepared by the Statistics and Data Innovation Unit (EROD-SDI) within the Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department (ERCD) at the Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • It contains Statistical information about 49 member countries of the Asia & the Pacific region on Population, labor force, National accounts, Production & Price indexes, Energy, Money & interest rates, Government finance, External trade, Balance of payments (BoP), International reserves, Exchange rates, and External indebtedness.

Major highlights of the report

i.In the Asia-Pacific region , the Extremely poor population has reduced from the size of 1.2 Billion in 1999 to 202.9 Million in 2017.

ii.Gross Domestic Product (GDP):

Asia-Pacific Region’s Economy grew from 27% of Global GDP in 2000 to 35% in 2019 (Exceeding the share of Europe & North America)

  • In 2020, three in every four reporting economies posted declines in GDP due to the impact of pandemic.

iii.Extreme Poverty:

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed around 75 to 80 mn population in the Asia-Pacific region into Extreme poverty from 2019 levels as compared with a scenario without Covid-19.

  • Assuming that the pandemic has increased income inequality, the relative rise in Extreme poverty may be even greater.
  • According to the report, About 5.2% of the population or 203 mn people in the Asia-Pacific lived in Extreme poverty in 2017. It could have reduced to 2.6% of Population in 2020 without Covid-19 pandemic.

Note: Extreme Poverty is defined as Number of persons living on less than USD 1.90 per day

iv.Unemployment – Increased by at least 20% in 2020 for more than one-third of reporting economies from 2019 levels.

  • It led to losing about 8% of working hours in the Asia-Pacific.
  • From 2000 to 2019, the region’s nonagricultural employment grew from 52% to 71%; one of the fastest growth rates worldwide.

v.Global Value Chains (GVCs): It acts as both an amplifier & a dampener of Shocks

  • In Many Countries, significant GVC participation was associated with a larger negative shock to GDP, suggesting that openness exacerbated disruptions
  • However, at much higher rates of GVC participation, the relationship seemed to reverse.

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In July 2021, ADB has partnered with the public health experts, vaccine regulators, and policymakers to form a high-level advisory group – Regional Vaccine Advisory Group – to support its developing member countries (DMCs) with technical and scientific advice on the quality, safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines.

About Asian Development Bank (ADB):

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is a regional development bank established on 19 December 1966.

President– Masatsugu Asakawa
Headquarters– Metro Manila, Philippines