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World’s First Gold-backed US Digital Gold Currency Launched in India, GCC, Middle East and Africa by IBMC

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First Gold-backed Digital Gold CurrencyIBMC Financial Professionals Group in partnership with US Gold Currency Inc and Blockfills introduced the world’s first monetary gold-backed US Gold digital currency in India, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Middle East and Africa. It was launched from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) at a specially designed IBMC Hybrid Event in the virtual presence of officials from the US Gold Currency, Asia-Africa Development Council, GSEF and Blockfills USA.

  • Each US Gold digital currency is backed by a US American Eagle one ounce (33.931 gram) gold coin, minted by the US Federal Agency, US Mint. 
  • The holders of the currency can redeem their digital assets as physical gold coin or in US dollars anywhere in the world.

Key Points:

-This digital currency is available to customers ranging from retail and corporate investors, banks, financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds to treasuries and asset management companies.

-It can also support corporates in reducing the cost of business transaction and settle their inter-country company transactions to address business risks

About IBMC Financial Professionals Group:
Chairman– Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Hamed and 
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Managing Director (MD)– Mr Sajith Kumar PK

About US Gold Currency Inc:
US Gold Currency, Inc. provides the American Gold Eagle coin in a Digital Blockchain Receipt – the “US Gold Token”, each one fully collateralized 1:1 with a 1oz American Gold Eagle coin. Referred to as “USG” – for the US Gold Dollar.
Headquarter– United States. 

About Blockfills:
Blockfills is a global digital financial service technology & trading firm which provides liquidity, execution and clearing of digital assets across time zones and geographies.
Headquarter Chicago, US