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UNSC Imposes Tough Sanctions Against North Korea Over Nuclear Test

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The recent Nuclear test and the missile launch by North Korea which defied International sanctions have come under scrutiny by the UN Security Council as it adopts tough sanctions against her. It was her fourth nuclear test.

UNSC - North Korea

Key Highlights

  • Reduce or ban exports of iron and iron ore, titanium, coal, gold, titanium and rare earth minerals from North Korea and prohibit imports as well
  • The cargos to and fro North Korea must be inspected by all countries at the Airport and sea ports
  • UN member states must expel North Korean diplomats who engage in smuggling.
  • Ban on Aviation Fuel exports to North Korea, including Kerosene type rocket fuels.
  • Ban sales of small arms and bars vessels suspected of carrying illegal goods from North Korean Airports.
  • Freeze the assets of all companies that are involved in North Korea’s Nuclear programmes

Important Points

  • UNSC Headquarter: New York
  • Capital of North Korea: Pyonyang
  • Currency of North Korea: North Korean Won