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Pyongyang extends “hands of friendship” to India

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Ri Su Yong, the Foreign Minister of North Korea, visited India. It has been more than two-decades since a Korean Foreign-Minister visited India. Ri became the first North Korean foreign minister to visit India in at least 25 years (although Kim Yong-il, the North Korean vice foreign minister, visited India in 2007 and 2009).

  • Many critical international-issues were discussed between the Indian-Counter-part Ms. Sushma Swaraj. Pyongyang’s nuclear-program, peace and stability in the Korean-region were some of the global-issues discussed.
  • The total trading-transactions between India and North-Korea today are roughly around 500-Million USD-Annually.
  • Denuclearization-program was one of the top-agendas in the bilateral-dialogues between the two sides.

About North-Korean Nuclear-program

  • For a long time, North-Korea has been under the international-embargo for its alleged nuclear-weapons program. In the year 2009 however, the country formally declared that it does possess nuclear-weapons, a great irritating factor for the United-States.
  • In 2013, Pyongyang was caught conducting a nuclear-weapon testing. This was supposed be its third testing.
  • The economical-embargo on the country still continues.

India’s relations with Pyongyang

  • Historically, India and North-Korea have relations since 48-B.C. Queen-Suro had visited “Ayodhya” at that time.
  • Trading relations between the two countries have been growing steadily.
  • India has also been contributing to the North-Korean Food-aid program since 2002.