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Union Cabinet Approvals – September 12 2016

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Union cabinet heaaded by PM Narendra Modi approves MoUs between different countries in different fields on September 12 2016

Cabinet approves Extradition Treaty between India and Afghanistan

The Union Cabinet approved the signing and ratification of an extradition treaty between India and Afghanistan.

  • It is noted that Indiaand Afghanistan will soon sign an extradition treaty to hand over each others wanted terrorists and other criminals with the Union Cabinet today giving its nod for the pact.
  • The approval for the extradition treaty comes ahead of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s proposed visit to New Delhi for bilateral talks with the Indian leadership.
  • The treaty would provide a legal framework for seeking extradition of terrorists, economic offenders and other criminals from and to Afghanistan.
  • Extradition treaties define an offence as an extraditable offence if it is punishable under the laws in both the contracting states by imprisonment for a period of at least one year.
  • It is also noted that India has extradition treaties in operation with Australia, Bahrain, Cabinet ApprovalsBangladesh, Belarus and 3 other countries.


  • Capital: Kabul
  • Currency: Afghan afghani
  • President: Ashraf Ghani

Cabinet approves Bilateral Technical Arrangement between India and Switzerland

The Union Cabinet led by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its approval for signing of the Technical Arrangement between India and Switzerland on the identification and return of Swiss and Indian Nationals and its implementation.

  • The conclusion of the BTA has been linked to the visa free agreement for holders of diplomatic passports as a package deal.
  • It is noted that if the BTA withSwitzerland is approved as proposed, it would offer an opportunity to use the same as a model template for negotiations on the subject with other EU countries, which have been raising the issue regularly with New Delhi.
  • The BTA essentially aims to formalize the existing procedure for cooperation on the return of irregular migrants between the two countries without introducing any additional obligations or exacting time frames.
  • This treaty will help to leverage the Readmission Agreement to liberalise visa and work permit regimes for legitimate Indian travelers. This has been envisaged as a key goal in the recently concluded India-EU Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility (CAMM).

Switzerland  :

  • Capital : Bern
  • Currency: Swiss franc

Cabinet approves extension of contract between India and the International Seabed Authority

The Union Cabinet approved extension of a contract between the Ministry of Earth Sciences and the International Seabed Authority for exploration of Polymetallic Nodules upto 2022.

  • By extending the contract, India’s exclusive rights for exploration of Polymetallic Nodules in the allotted Area in the Central Indian Ocean Basin will continue and would open up new opportunities for resources of commercial and strategic value in area beyond national jurisdiction. Further, it would provide strategic importance for India in terms of enhanced presence in Indian Ocean where other international: players are also active.
  • Poly-metallic nodules (also known as manganese nodules) are potato-shaped, largely porous nodules found in abundance carpeting the sea floor of world oceans in deep sea. Besides manganese and iron, they contain nickel, copper, cobalt, lead, molybdenum, cadmium, vanadium, titanium, of which nickel, cobalt and copper are considered to be of economic and strategic importance.
  • India signed a 15 year contract for exploration of poly-metallic nodules (PMN) in Central Indian Ocean Basin with the International Seabed Authority (ISA) on March 25, 2002 with the approval of Cabinet.
  • It is noted that India is presently having an area of 75,000, located about 2000 km away from her southern tip for exploration of PMN.

Cabinet approves MoU between India and Kenya on cooperation in the field of National Housing Policy

The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its ex post-facto approval for the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and Kenya on cooperation in the field of National Housing Policy Development and Management (NHPDM).

  • It is noted that this MoU was signed on 11th July, 2016 at Nairobi during the visit of the Prime Minister of India.
  • This MoU will encourage technical cooperation in facilitating access to affordable housing from locally available building materials. It will also encourage technical cooperation in development of Government/Public employee facilitated housing.
  • The cooperation between the two countries will focus on upscaling slum upgradation and prevention initiatives based on the experience and implementation process of each country.
  • As per this MoU, both the sides will collaborate on all matters relating to housing and human settlements through various strategies including training of personnel, exchange visits, expos/exhibitions, conferences and workshops

Kenya :

  • Capital: Nairobi
  • Currency: Kenyan shilling
  • President: Uhuru Kenyatta

India, South Africa in ICT cooperation pact

India and South Africa have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for promoting bilateral cooperation in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

  • The MoU will help to establish inter-institutional cooperation and relations between the two parties in order to promote cooperation in the field of
  • The agreement will also result in active cooperation and exchanges between the private entities, capacity building institutions, governments and other public organizations of the two countries in the field of ICT.
  • It is noted that the Cabinet has been apprised of the MoU which was signed on July 8, 2016.

South Africa :

  • Capitals: Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein
  • Currency: South African rand
  • President: Jacob Zuma

Cabinet apprised of the MoU between India and Mozambique on cooperation in the field of Youth Affairs

The UnionCabinet under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been apprised of the MoU signed on July 07, 2016 between India and Mozambique on cooperation in the field of Youth Affairs and Sports during the visit of Prime Minister of India to Mozambique.

  • This MoU will help in promotion of sports in the two countries and will promote exchange of ideas, values and culture amongst Youth and in developing friendly relations.
  • It will also help in developing international perspective among the Youth and expanding their knowledge and expertise in the areas of Youth Affairs and Sports.

About Mozambique :

  • CapitalMaputo
  • CurrencyMetical
  • PresidentFilipe Nyusi
  • Prime ministerCarlos Agostinho do Rosário 

Cabinet approves deeper tariff cuts to APTA countries

The Union Cabinet on Monday allowed the government to offer deeper concessions on tariffs while trading with APTA countries comprising Bangladesh, China, India, Lao PDR, Republic of Korea, and Sri Lanka.

  • This move will deepen the concessions being offered under this Agreement. Approval was also given to amend the preamble of APTA to effect accession of Mongolia as the 7th APTA Participating State.
  • APTA (formerly Bangkok agreement) is the only operational trade agreement linking India and China, two of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The two countries are separately negotiating the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement with 14 others.
  • From 570 tariff lines, the numbers of products on which duty concessions will be given have increased to 3,142. The margin of preference (MoP) has been increased from 9% of 33.45%, implying that duties on each of the products will be reduced by a third for the importing countries.