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UN Russian Language Day 2020 – June 6

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UN Russian Language Day 2020June 6th is annually celebrated as the Russian Language Day by the United Nation(UN) to promote and support Multilingualism and cultural diversity and to celebrate the birthday of the famous Russian poet Alexander Puskin who was born on 6th June 1799. The First UN Russian Language Day was celebrated in 2010.


To raise awareness about the history, culture and the development of all the six official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) of the UN.


The Department of Public Information (Department of Global Communication) made the decision to designate Language days on International Mother Language Day as the initiative of UNESCO.


i.The Secretary-General of UN appointed Movses Abelian(Armenia) as the Coordinator of Multilingualism on 3rd September 2019.

ii.The Department of General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) provides the documentation and high quality meeting to all the members in all the official languages of the UN.


i.The Day is celebrated by conducting various cultural events such as performances of musicals, folklore groups, film screenings, pop shows and lectures.

ii.Activities such as competitions, exhibitions and organizing days of national cuisine.

iii.The United Nation organises events on the day by inviting famous poets, writers and development of information and thematic materials.

Other UN language Days:

  • French Language Day – March 20
  • Chinese Language Day – April 20
  • English Language Day – April 23
  • Spanish Language Day – April 23
  • Arabic Language Day – December 18

About Department of Global Communication (UN):
Head of Department– Melissa Fleming (United States)
Established– 1946