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The Innovation Award 2016 To Prof. Sirshendu De

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Over 100 million people in India and Bangladesh are at a health risk due to arsenic content in ground water. It is generally agreed that arsenic contamination is of geological origin and derives from the geological strata underlying Bangladesh. Hence, it becomes necessary to mitigate such contamination in rural households in both the nations.

  • A milestone achievement in this regard has been made by an IIT Kharagpur Professor, Sirshendu De, Head of the Chemical Engineering Department for developing Low Cost The Innovation Award 2016 To Prof. Sirshendu DeEco-friendly Laterite based Arsenic Filter for Providing Safe Drinking Water.
  • The Award will be given by the Indian Desalination Association (South Zone).

The Technology

The Filter:

  • Is capable of adsorbing arsenic to the extent of 32 mg/gm of material.
  • Is made of naturally occurring red laterite soil
  • Has undergone chemical treatment to enhance its capabilities to adsorb arsenic


  • Ultra Low Cost, suitable for socio economic conditions of India
  • Extremely Long life (Five years)
  • Arsenic concentration of filtrate is always within the WHO drinking water permissible limit, independent of the ground water concentration
  • No regeneration of the adsorbent (filter medium) is required during its lifetime
  • No power requirement for the household filter
  • Removal of arsenic (below 10 ppb), iron (below 0.3 ppm) and bacteriological contamination (more than 98%) together in a single unit
  • Upon exhaustion of the filter, the filter medium can be safely dumped without any risk of leaching and further contamination
  • The capacity of domestic filter is in the range of 80-100 litres/day
  • Easy operation and maintenance free, as the filter does not require any regeneration or backwashing
  • Cost of the treated water is less than 3 paisa/liter.