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SERB Launches ‘Accelerate Vigyan’ Scheme & Portal to Provide Single Platform to Boost High-end Scientific Research

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SERB launches Accelerate Vigyan schemeOn 1st July 2020, The ‘Accelerate Vigyan’ (AV) scheme for research internships, was launched by the Union Government’s Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB).

Objective:- To encourage high-end  scientific research and prepare scientific manpower which leads to research careers and knowledge based economy.

Portal:-  was also launched while launching the scheme & we can get more information about the scheme “Accelerate Vigyan” in this portal.


  • It identifies research potential, mentors and helps in training on national scale.
  • It will organise about 1000 High-end Workshops to provide opportunities to about 25000 doctoral & Post Graduate (PG) students in next 5 years
  • The SERB will launch an application to attain early success.
  • Accelerate Vigyan works on mission mode, particularly during consolidation or aggregation for scientific events.
  • The Inter-Ministerial Overseeing Committee (IMOC) involves scientific ministries and countries for supporting SERB in implementing AV successfully.
  • The AV seeks to garner social responsibility for the scientific community.
  • It has started to call applications for the process under ABHYAAS scheme for Winter .


The Abhyaas scheme is an initiative to boost research and development  across the country. The main components are:

i) KARYASHALA- High-end workshops, 

ii) VRITIKA- Research Internships.


  • The new component under AV is SAMMOHAN which is sub-divided into: ‘SAYONJIKA’ and ‘SANGOSHTI’.
  • SAYONJIKA is an open-ended program to catalogue the capacity building activities in science and technology supported by all government funding agencies in the country. SANGOSHTI is a pre-existing program of SERB.

Goals to Expands research:-

  • Consolidation/aggregation of scientific programs,
  • Initiate high end orientation workshops,
  • Create opportunities for research internships for those who don’t have access to resources. 

About SERB:
SERB works under “Department of Science & Technology”.
Headquarters: New Delhi, India
Secretary: Prof Sandeep Verma