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“Lockdown Learners” series launched with students & educators in India on COVID-19: UNODC

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On April 18, 2020 , The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) under its flagship Education for Justice Initiative launched the “Lockdown Learners” series of online dialogues with students and educators in India on COVID-19 & its impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), peace and the rule of law.UNODC launches series of online dialogues with studentsAim of Series

  • To make students aware of the vulnerable groups and emerging issues such as cybercrime, misinformation, gender-based violence, discrimination, and corruption, among others.
  • To provide a platform for students to receive mentorship and knowledge support by activity-based learning, & use their talent, skills to promote awareness and also to address some of these problems by sharing their ideas & solutions.

Key Points

i.The educational resources have been shared with partner schools in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru & also collaborative connections with hundreds of students and educators over the past week.

ii.It will create a positive framework for students to be productive and be engaged during lockdown period, reduce stress through positive messaging, and empower young people to become champions of tomorrow.

iii.It emphasizes values, teaches children to think, & helps them develop special empowering skills & the products include free-to-use educational material, comics, board, online games, Zorbs cartoon series and other modules & videos which will be used by teachers and students at home.

Other Initiative by UNODC

  • UNODC accepts the fact that respect for human rights & the rule of law should be the fundamental element of youth-focused strategy with evidence-based and balanced responses.
  • It’s Education for Justice Initiative under the Global Programme for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration looks to prevent crime and promote a culture of lawfulness through education activities designed for primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Samarth Pathak, UNODC’s Communications Officer for South Asia.

About UNODC South Asia:
Headquarters– New Delhi, India
Representative– Sergey Kapinos

About UNODC:
Headquarters– Vienna, Austria
Director General– Ghada Fathi Waly