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Last Minutes Tips to Clear IBPS PO Main Exam 2016

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Hello Readers
Now its the time for IBPS PO Main Exam 2016. We all have seen the level of IBPS PO Prelim exam and the change in pattern especially the English section. So you all have to get ready to face the exam with a very surprising pattern. Last year also IBPS changed the pattern like introduced 4 DIs in Quant section, the Reasoning section was very tough with complex puzzles, etc. But no need to worry if you are well prepared and remember


We know that year by year the difficulty level of the paper is rising. But it is not only for you, it is for all the students who are going to write the exam. So do not have negative thoughts that you will be not able to clear the exam. Believe in yourself and your efforts.
With the new pattern there is no need to manage time in the Main exam. But yes there is a need to manage time and questions in each sections. There will a certain sequence given in which only you can attempt the sections, you cannot choose the sequence of sections by your own.
You have to choose the questions which are easily solvable and do not require much time. So you must give some time to find these questions. This is not a time wastage but a time investment. In fact investment towards your high attempts.

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The time division of IBPS PO Main Exam 2016 will be like:


The way in which you can attempt sections are:

You must all remember your degree and board exams. We all used to find a question in which we do no mistake and write very well. After this we used to attempt that question first so that the examiner gets a good impression and he/she checks your answer sheet lightly and not strictly.
So in the same way before starting to attempt questions in Quant and Reasoning Sections, choose the questions at the beginning for which you are sure about. Yes there is no examiner to check that but this will lead to your confidence building that yes you can attempt questions and clear exam with good marks. Choosing questions at first will let you not panic, maintain accuracy and attempt more number of questions.
Like last time, IBPS PO exam will make you panic this year too by introducing either new type of questions or new pattern. But those extra questions are added just to make you confuse. There is a possibility that some of you will get panic after watching the questions. But you have to be well prepared before.

Lets see different sections of the Main Exam

Reasoning Section

We very well know that hard puzzles will be there in this section.
First attempt all other questions leaving puzzles. Carefully attempt the statement – assumptions/conclusions/courses of actions, etc. questions.
4 or 5 puzzles are expected in the exam. First give 2-3 minutes to observe the puzzles and find which can be easy to solve. While solving puzzle go on writing the details on your rough sheets and make connections. Leave the puzzles which contain complicated data like like all in negativity that you are not able to fill the details in your arrangement.
Data Sufficiency is surely expected. Do not mark answer only by analyzing the statements. Obtain the required answer and then only mark the right option.
One set of Input/Output is also expected. You will see a new pattern in exam that you might have not practiced. But if you show some patience, you will get the pattern and then can easily solve all the 5 questions.

Quant Section

Last year Reasoning section was time consuming, but this year we expect Quant section as time consuming. But yes we can only expect, cannot say with surety. So ready with any unexpected thing.
Like the puzzles, find an easy DI like the one which contains less calculation. It is not mandatory to solve each question of the DI. Leave the questions which you find to be more calculative and attempt 3 or 4 easy questions from 1 set of DI.
No doubt, that large calculations will be there. So do large calculations with accuracy and not in hurry because one mistake will lead to wrong answer and wastage of time too in calculation.
Some tips:
If you want to calculate 46% of something (like 462) which is (50 – 4)%. Just do its half (462/2) = 231 and then subtract 4% of 462 from 231 which is easy rather to calculate 46×462.
Data Sufficiency is surely expected in this section too. Do not mark answer only by analyzing the statements. Obtain the required answer and then only mark the right option.
Next from the miscellaneous topics, find topics you find easy for yourself and attempt these.

GA section

The section will contain 40 questions. Do attempt with accuracy. Do not guess the answers. Sometimes we get confused in two options out of 5 and then mark one of those two options by guess. You can mark one but do not do this with all questions. Much time does not mean that you have to mark all questions. Relax after marking questions which will give you strength to solve next section.

Computer section

The section will contain 20 questions. Do attempt with accuracy. Do not guess the answers. The section will almost be easy.

English section

Most of the students do not solve the reading comprehension questions because time does not permit. But now you have time. Read the passages in full concentration. Mark the answers when you are very sure. English section like IBPS PO Prelim Exam 2016 is expected to be surprising and high level.  So if you are not good at English language, do the minimum questions to clear sectional cutoff. Do not mark all questions in that 30 minutes. Accuracy is more important than attempts here.

Some Do’s and Dont’s:

  • Do not waste your time on any particular question if you stuck in between.
  • Do not forget to take the Admit Card with photograph affixed, photo identity Proof in original and as well as photo-copy of it (Ration Card and E-Aadhar Card are not accepted). Your name in ID Proof must exactly match with the one you have in your Admit Card.
  • Wear light colored cloths.
  • Do not wear any ornaments. Girls please note – do not wear ring, chain, earrings, etc.
  • Please reach the exam venue well before time even you have exam centre nearby because the faculty at centres is always strict. Try to reach the venue by maximum 8:45 AM.
  • Last but not the least, please do not forget to share your exam experience with us :)

All the best from AffairsCloud team