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ISIS has destroyed Iraq’s oldest Christian monastery

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The oldest Christian monastery St Elijah’s monastery in Iraq has been destroyed by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS). The Associated Press published the satellite photographs on Wednesday.

  • This news was confirmed by Iraqi officials and historians. But analysts said the images, obtained by the Associated Press, recommended it had been demolished in late 2014, soon after IS seized the city.
  • A Catholic priest from Mosul warned that its Christian history was being barbarically levelled”.

Isis has destroyed Iraq’s oldest Christian monastery

Key Highlights about the Monastery

  • St Elijah’s monastery stands as a place of worship for 1,400 years.
  • It was believed that the St Elijah’s monastery or Deir Mar Elia was built in the late 6th century and have been constructed by Assyrian monks.
  • Later on it was claimed by a Chaldean Catholic order.
  • The monastery attracted all the people from Mosul – Christians and Muslims.

 IS destroys ancient sites

  • Isis, which controls large parts of Iraq and Syria, has killed thousands of civilians in the past two years.
  • Its fighters destroyed whatever they considered contrary to their interpretation of Islam.
  • Nineveh,Palmyra and Hatra are the ancient monuments in the cities and all are ruined.
  • Museums and libraries have been destroyed, books burned, artwork crushed.
  • The militants believe that Islam is the only religion that must be adopted by the followers of other faiths. And they have targeted minorities and destroyed their places of worship.
  • Those who have remained in these areas have been forced to choose between conversion and execution.