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India ranks third among highest financial Trojan Infections

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The Internet which has been ruling the world has also left the possible risk of security like Virus infections and hacking risks. It is unfortunate to know that India has been globally placed at third rank in terms of Trojan infections.

India ranks third among highest financial Trojan Infections

Flash points

  • The analysis was made by Symantec, a global security solutions firm
  • The report places India at third place owing to the continued exposure of Indian financial systems to Trojan infections
  • However the overall risk was reduced by 73% at the global level
  • India has been found increasingly vulnerable year by year, it was placed 7th in 2013; 5th in 2014 and finally third in 2015
  • It has been reported that 60000 systems of financial institutions in India have been infected by Trojan last year
  • The Trojan infections are used to defraud the customers in online banking and they have been targeting every range of financial transactions
  • They have analysed 656 malware samples and detected 2048 infected URL’s
  • Trojans are targeting customers of 547 organisations in 49 countries
  • The financial sector was the highest targeted sector in January with 2 per cent of all types of cyber attacks
  • The mode of transmitting Trojans were mainly the e-mail attachments
  • Symantec suggested keeping security software and operating systems up to date.
  • It also told to enable advanced account security features, such as 2-factor authentication and use strong passwords for all accounts