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IBPS RRB Interview Experience shared by Rakesh Sharma

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Hi friends! Our reader Rakesh Sharma shared interview experience that he had during IBPS RRB Interview Experience. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.

Hi friends, This is Rakesh Sharma from Bhagalpur, Bihar
Educational Qualification: BCA (2014)


Venue: MBGB, Patna
Date: 18.01.2017
Time: 1 PM
Time Duration: 10-12 minutes

I reached the venue at 12pm. After biometrics & document verification i went to 3rd floor for interview. The time was 5.20 PM. My interview went around 10-12 minutes. I’m sharing each & every questions which were asked. There were 4 members in the panel( 3 male n 1 female). Now the actual game started..

Me: knocked.. May i come in

Mam : Smiled and told come in

Sir: Sit down

Me: I greeted good evening mam and good evening sir

Sir: ok sit down

Head: Where u live?

Me: Bhagalpur, Bihar Sir.

Head:  Rakesh, Your passing date of BCA is 2014, what u did since that time?

Me– Sir i was preparing for banking and doing trade in stock market(Sir stopped for few seconds)

Head: Trading? Are u sure?

Me: Ofcourse Sir.IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Head : ok …………In which segment?

Me: Only in Equity Sir.

Mam – why only in equity.. why not in commodity?

Me- Answered

Head: Tell me difference between options & future trading..

Me: Answered

Sir: What is Index and what is SENSEX?

Me: Answered

Head: Where u trade


Mam: Why not BSE?

Me: Because there’s less volume.. due to this we can’t exit at desired point..

Head: Your demat account is in which firm?

Me: Zerodha & Samco sir

Sir: ok.. What is brokerage now?

Me: Flat Rs 20 or 1paisa(whichever is lower)

Mam: What is Candlestick?

Me: Answered

Head: Where you learnt trading, who taught u and when?

Me:  Sir when i was in 11th-12th, then by joining online classes.

Sir to mam:  aap puchiye madam..

Head: Work of SEBI in stock market?

Me: Answered.

Head: Difference between Repo & Reverse Repo.

Me: Answered.

Sir: Do u have bank account, in which bank, which documents will you take before opening a account?

Me: Answered.

Mam: *Something Unknown*

Me: Sorry Mam i don’t know.

Mam: kabhi nahi suna

Me: No Mam

Mam: Its ok.. pointed to another Sir..

Sir: Relation between NABARD & RRB.

Me: Answered

Sir: According to u which sectors in India should be developed on priority basis?

Me: Answered.

Head: Tell me any 3 qualities we want to see in u as a *Bank Officer*.

Me: Answered.

Mam: Why we convert binary to decimal and vice-versa.

Me: Answered.

Sir: Ok Rakesh, You can go now..

Me: Thank you sirs.. thank u mam..(mam smiled & told best of luck)

I came out..

(Overall panel member’s behaviour was friendly.. everyone smiled but head was little strict.. he fired back to back questions)
This was my 1st interview, May God pass me in this interview..Thank You

All the best for your Result !!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU Rakesh for sharing your Interview Experience with us.