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General Awareness Questions asked in Railway RRB – 12/04/2016 (Shift – I)

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Dear Aspirants,
Some of the General Awareness questions asked in today’s Railway RRB Exam are listed below. If you have any more questions from the exam, then kindly share it in the comment section.

General Awareness Questions in Railway RRB April 12th 2016 – Shift I

    1. Abhishek verma belongs to sport? Archery
    2. Who was founder of Pal Dynasty? Gopal
    3. Pace Maker related to which organ? Heart
    4. How many candidates are nominated by President in Rajya Sabha? 12
    5. Osama Bin Laden killed at which place? Abbottabad, Pakistan
    6. Nathu La Pass located at? Gangtok, Sikkim
    7. Mixed economy envisages?
    8. When is the world Environment day observed?
    9. Who was the first President of the US?
    10. Who founded the Gupta Empire?
    11. Which of the following came in India first for trade?
    12. Which of the following is a non-ferrous metal?
    13. Cholera is transmitted by?
    14. LTTE is a militant organisation of?
    15. The magic mantras are studied in?
    16. Sweat gland is present in?
    17. Thyroid gland contain which enzymes?
    18. TIME person of 2015?
    19. Measles caused due to?
    20. New AIIMs in which district of MH,AP,WB?
    21. Niagara falls of india?
    22. Vidyapthi famous poet in which language?
    23. Heat of asia-istanbul held in?
    24. Father of modern chemistry?
    25. 1st day night test mach plyed between?
    26. Particles with neutral charge in atom?
    27. alt+enter used for?
    28. Chinese grand prix winner?
    29. Very old computer browser?
    30. Facts about fort in rajasthan?
    31. Nobel prize for physics?
    32. Medicine of malaria extracted from?
    33. First Hindi Newspaper?
    34. Questions in Resonance & dopppler effect?