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G20 People’s Climate Vote 2021 Report: 67% of India’s Youth consider Climate Change as Global emergency

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67% population under 18 years in India consider climate change

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has released the ‘G20 People’s Climate Vote 2021 report’, which reveals that in India around 67 percent of the young population under the age of 18 years considers climate change a global emergency, compared to about 58 percent adults.

  • The survey was jointly conducted by UNDP and  University of Oxford with a sample size of 34,749 adults and 31,390 under 18 years of age from India for the G20 People’s Climate Vote 2021 Report.
  • Response from different age groups: In India, about 61 percent of the population in the age group of 18-35 years believe in a climate emergency. On the other hand, the population reduces to 59 percent among the age group of 36-59 years and further reduces to 49 percent among the age of 60 years.

According to the report:

i.In countries like the UK (United Kingdom), Australia, Canada, Germany, and France, the popular policy of stopping burning fuels has been followed with majority support among under-18 youths and adults.

  • On the other hand, just 30 percent of adults in India and Saudi Arabia support this policy, compared to 36 percent and 32 percent of under-18 youths.

ii.The conservation of forest and land to address climate change varied depending on the country.

iii.On climate-friendly farming, the US saw the largest difference, with 72 percent of under-18s compared to 60 percent of adults, whereas in India 51 percent of under-18s support, compared to 43 percent of adults.

  • This indicates a need for more education among adults on the benefits of climate-friendly farming.

iv.Measures for Climate Change: The youth are focusing on Green development through ‘walking the talk’ by making climate-conscious choices in their lifestyles such as buying sustainably sourced products and opting for eco-friendly transportation.

-UNDP India’s 1st Youth Climate Champion

UNDP India announced their partnership with the leading content creator and actress Prajakta Koli, and appointed her as UNDP India’s 1st Youth Climate Champion to interact with Young minds and spread awareness on Climate Change including global warming and biodiversity loss.

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About United Nations Development Programme (UNDP):

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