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English Questions – Vocabulary set – 128

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are providing some difficult words from editorials, which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other !!!

1. Mainstream – मुख्य धारा

Meaning – belonging to or characteristic of the mainstream.

Synonyms – normal, conventional, ordinary, orthodox, conformist, accepted, established, recognized, common, usual, prevailing, popular; informallamestream.

Usage – “the author never strays far from mainstream physics”

2. Virulent – विषैला

Meaning – (of a disease or poison) extremely severe or harmful in its effects.

Synonyms – poisonous, toxic, venomous, noxious, deadly, lethal, fatal, mortal, terminal, death-dealing, life-threatening, dangerous, harmful, injurious, pernicious, damaging, destructive, unsafe; contaminating, polluting; literarydeathly, nocuous, mephitic; archaicbaneful.

Usage – “a virulent strain of influenza”

3. Tumultuous – उतार-चढ़ाव भरे

Meaning – making an uproar or loud, confused noise.

Synonyms – loud, deafening, thunderous, thundering, ear-shattering, ear-splitting, ear-piercing, uproarious, noisy, clamorous, vociferous.

Usage – “he left the stage to tumultuous applause”

4.  Ratification – अनुममर्थन

Meaning – the action of signing or giving formal consent to a treaty, contract, or agreement, making it officially valid.

Usage – “ratification of the treaty raised problems in several member states”

5. Enactment – कानून

Meaning – the process of passing legislation.

Synonyms – passing, making law, ratification, ratifying, validation, validating, sanction, sanctioning, approval, approving, endorsement, adoption; decreeing, ordaining, legislating; application, appliance, implementation.

Usage – “the enactment of equal pay legislation”

6. Ordinance – अध्यादेश

Meaning – an authoritative order.

Synonyms – edict, decree, law, injunction, fiat, command, order, rule, ruling, dictum, dictate, directive, mandate, enactment, statute, act, canon, regulation; ukase; pronunciamento.

Usage – “the president issued a series of ordinances in 1944”

7. Rickety – सूका रोगी

Meaning – (of a structure or piece of equipment) poorly made and likely to collapse.

Synonyms – shaky, unsteady, unsound, unsafe, tottering, crumbling, decaying, disintegrating, tumbledown, broken-down, dilapidated, ramshackle, derelict, ruinous, falling to pieces, decrepit; informalshambly, geriatric; informalshacky; informalrumpty.

Usage – “we went carefully up the rickety stairs”

8. Usurp – हड़पना

Meaning – take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force.

Synonyms – seize, take over, expropriate, take possession of, take, appropriate, steal, wrest, arrogate, commandeer, annex, assume, lay claim to.

Usage – “Richard usurped the throne”

9. Arbitrage – पंचायत

Meaning – the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.

Usage – “profitable arbitrage opportunities”

10. Plummeted – गिरावट

Meaning – fall or drop straight down at high speed.

Synonyms – plunge, fall headlong, hurtle, nosedive, dive, drop, crash, descend rapidly.

Usage – “a climber was killed when he plummeted 300 feet down an icy gully”