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English Questions: Antonyms – 13

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Welcome to Online English Quiz in Here we are creating Best question samples from Antonyms, which is common for all the IBPS,SBI,RRB,LIC,ADO,SSC CGL and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions type that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

  1. Insidious is most dissimilar to
    A. repellant
    B. pure
    C. charming
    D. delicious
    A. insidious means harmful but enticing or seductive; repellant

  2. Tepid is most dissimilar to
    A. dispassionate
    B. scalding
    C. crisp
    D. clever
    B. tepid means lukewarm; scalding means boiling hot

  3. Succor is most dissimilar to
    A. genius
    B. abet
    C. injure
    D. deciduous
    C. to succor means go to the aid of, or relieve; to injure means to harm

  4. Enjoin is most dissimilar to
    A. sever
    B. dislike
    C. permit
    D. divorce
    C. enjoin means to forbid or prohibit, therefore permit is the opposite

  5. Perilous is most dissimilar to
    A. disciplined
    B. similar
    C. safe
    D. honest
    C. perilous means dangerous, therefore safe is the opposite

  6. Cautious is most dissimilar to
    A. reasonable
    B. careful
    C. illogical
    D. reckless
    D. cautious means careful; reckless means lacking caution

  7. Punctual is most dissimilar to
    A. close
    B. tardy
    C. sloppy
    D. precious
    B. punctual means on time; tardy means late

  8. Delude is most dissimilar to
    A. drought
    B. clever
    C. enlighten
    D. enrage
    C. to delude means to mislead the judgment of someone, or to trick; to enlighten means to give knowledge to someone

  9. Entice is most dissimilar to
    A. piece
    B. repulse
    C. attract
    D. repeat
    B. to entice means attract seductively, or to lure; to repulse means

  10. Stingy is most dissimilar to
    A. wasteful
    B. democratic
    C. spiteful
    D. liberal
    D. one meaning of liberal is giving freely, or generous; stingy means lacking generosity