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Descriptive Writing : Essay Writing For NICL AO Set 1

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Dear Aspirants,

As you all know that NICL AO mains exam is near.One of the most important part of these Exams is Descriptive Writing Exam that test Your writing skills, here we are providing you ESSAY WRITING Which can be asked in the NICL AO Exams.


The problem of drug abuse among the youth is increasing day by day. The youths are topping the charts for the wrong reasons this time around. Recently many college-going boys and girls were hauled up by the police involved in the case of drug consumption. Though no accurate figures are available to measure the actual extent of the problem, drug addicts reporting to counseling in the country points out that the problem has spread among various age groups, and much among youths aged 16 to 25 years.
The age group in which a youth is, signifies the transformation of an adolescent to a young person, which usually is accompanied with the trials and tribulations of a ‘child’ in becoming a ‘grown-up’. The youths are more curious now-a-days. A bundle of exuberant but undirected energy, he derives pleasure in taking risks and experimenting with new things. Youths are only trying things because of their friends. Being afraid of peer turning their backs on you is a cause of peer pressure. They are trying out this just because they knew already about it through their parents or relatives. They are affected not only through their friends but also through their environment. Their environment captures their minds on using illegal drugs. Sheer pressure of studies on students might be one of the few cases which results in substance abuse among the youngsters.The situation has been further complicated due to the fast paced social transformation brought in the society by rapid industrialization, urbanization and rural-urban migration. It has eroded the traditional, informal, social control mechanisms and has even brought in changes in the structure of the family, from joint to nuclear, or at best an extended family.
The ‘media explosion’ has shrunken the world, especially for the youth, and they are now more aware of things around. This has also raised their level of aspiration and ambition. With materialism, consumerism and individualism gaining ascendancy, modern youth is drifting away from his traditional roots and finds it difficult to cope with ever increasing social pressures. Further, the increasing economic pressures compel more and more parents to take full time employment leaving a child, more so a youth, alone in the house or in the company of friends. With no adequate programs available to keep them busy, they become easy prey to anti-social activities including drug-abuse.
Therefore awareness creation or preventive education programme for youth is an imperative. In buildup immunity amongst them, would promote self-respect and determination, provide experiences which encourage self-respect and sense of dignity, enhances personal and social skills which are necessary for functioning in a rapidly transforming society and provide for professional skills.
What is more important is that the leisure time activities of both student and non-student youth are so organized that they provide for healthy recreation and constructive work habits. As is evident, a youth feels more at home within his age-group. Therefore, to reach them, it is but natural to take the help of more active groups among them.
It has also been realized that youth power can be harnessed not only from preventing youths from the malady of addiction but also by improving the environment they live in. Support from family members is a must as they are the closest source to the individual. Family should support their child to understand what he/she is going through and what compelled them to take such a risky step. Parents should try to motivate their children and understand what they really want in life. Every child is different from the other and parents should really try to understand their children’s expectation to avoid any cases related to alcohol or drugs abuse.Many a time, due to their connection with traffickers, pushers and pedlars, it becomes difficult to impress upon addicts to leave their habit. It is here that the youths, voluntary organisations have not only been able to create awareness but also have been able to muster support for combating trafficking, pushing and peddling drug.