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Current Affairs Quiz: 23 June 2021

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Top 10 Questions Based on Current Affairs 23 June 2021

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  1. Which organisation launched “Indian Certification of Medical Devices 13485 PLUS scheme (ICMED 13485 PLUS)” the upgraded version of 2016’s ICMED scheme?
    1) Bureau of Indian Standards
    2) Indian Council of Medical Research
    3) International Organization for Standardization
    4) Quality Council of India
    5) Confederation of Indian Industry
    Answer-4) Quality Council of India
    Quality Council of India (QCI), virtually launched the ‘Indian Certification of Medical Devices 13485 PLUS scheme (ICMED 13485 PLUS)’ for undertaking verification of the quality, safety and effectiveness of medical devices in India. It is an upgraded version of the ICMED Scheme launched in 2016 for certification of medical devices.
    i.ICMED Plus is the 1st scheme in the world in which Quality Management Systems along with Product Certification Standards are integrated with regulatory requirements.

  2. Identify the state government that signed an MoU (in June’21) with Survey of India to implement SVAMITVA scheme and issue property cards to its rural land owners
    1) Uttar Pradesh
    2) Bihar
    3) Tamil Nadu
    4) Uttarakhand
    5) Assam
    Answer-5) Assam
    Assam Government & Survey of India (SoI) signed an MoU for implementation of SVAMITVA scheme (Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas) in Assam.
    SVAMITVA scheme is a Centrally sponsored scheme launched on April 24, 2020 (i.e during the National Panchayati Raj Day) to conduct surveys on inhabited rural land using drone technology, and to distribute property cards to the owners.

  3. What is the target year set by Indian government to establish 10,000 Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendras(PMBJKs)?
    1) 2022
    2) 2030
    3) 2024
    4) 2028
    5) 2026
    Answer-3) 2024
    The government of India has set a target to increase the number of Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendras(PMBJKs) to 10000 by March 2024.
    i.The PMBJK aims to support the public to get access to quality generic medicine at affordable prices.

  4. Which bank recently (in June’21) entered into a bancassurance partnership with SBI General Insurance?
    1) Kotak Mahindra Bank
    2) IDFC First Bank
    3) Karur Vysya Bank
    4) IndusInd Bank
    5) Federal Bank
    Answer-2) IDFC First Bank
    SBI General Insurance inked a bancassurance partnership with IDFC (Infrastructure Development Finance Company) FIRST Bank for selling its non-life insurance products.
    i.IDFC First Bank was Establishment in 2018, by merging erstwhile IDFC Bank and Capital First bank

  5. Instant online purchases up to Rs 5 lakhs can be made using the ‘Cardless EMI’ facility of ______________ has been extended in June 2021.
    1) Axis Bank
    2) HDFC Bank
    3) State Bank of India
    4) Federal Bank
    5) ICICI Bank
    Answer-5) ICICI Bank
    ICICI Bank has extended the instant ‘Cardless EMI’ facility for its pre-approved customers to make online purchases across 2,500 e-commerce platforms without using their card. The ‘Cardless EMI’ facility allows its customers to instantly buy products or services online through EMIs by using their mobile phone and PAN up to Rs 5 lakh
    About ICICI Bank:
    Establishment – 1955
    Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra
    MD& CEO – Sandeep Bakhshi
    Tagline – Hum hai na, Khayal Apka

  6. Identify the company that partnered with Tata Group (in June’21) to implement 5G Technology solutions based on O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network), that was indigenously developed by Tata Group.
    1) Reliance Jio
    2) Vodafone Group
    3) BSNL
    4) Bharti Airtel
    5) MTNL
    Answer-4) Bharti Airtel
    Bharti Airtel & Tata Group have announced a strategic partnership for implementing ‘Made in India’ 5G network solutions for India. The 5G Technology will be based on ‘O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network)’ based Radio and NSA/SA (Non-Standalone/standalone) Core Technology.
    i.The Tata Group has developed the O-RAN technology indigenously.

  7. Which Indian Navy Ship (INS) was conferred with the ‘Best Ship’ title at the Fleet Awards Function 2021?
    1) INS Kamorta
    2) INS Sahyadri
    3) INS Arihant
    4) INS Kalvari
    5) INS Tarkash
    Answer-2) INS Sahyadri
    INS Sahyadri was adjudged as the ‘Best Ship’ Title of the Eastern Fleet at the Fleet Awards Function 2021, which was held to mark the culmination of the Operational Cycle of the Eastern Fleet and to recognize the achievements of the ‘Sword Arm’ of the Eastern Naval Command (ENC).
    INS Kamorta was recognized as the Most Spirited ship.

  8. Who was appointed (in June’21) as the ‘Ambassador of Forest Frontline Heroes’ by WWF India?
    1) Ram Charan
    2) Upasana Kamineni
    3) Allu Arjun
    4) Arvind Wable
    5) Sneha Reddy
    Answer-2) Upasana Kamineni
    The Managing Director of Apollo Life, Upasana Kamineni, has been named as an ‘Ambassador of Forest Frontline Heroes’ by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) India.
    About WWF India:
    Establishment– 1969
    President– Arvind Wable
    Headquarter– New Delhi

  9. In June 2021, _________________ was elected as the Chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court for a tenure of _______ years.
    1) Karim Khan; 5
    2) K. K. Venugopal; 9
    3) Tushar Mehta; 5
    4) Karim Khan; 9
    5) K. K. Venugopal; 7
    Answer-4) Karim Khan; 9
    British human rights lawyer Karim Khan has been elected as the new chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court(ICC) by its member countries. He is elected for a period of 9-years from June, 2021.
    About International Criminal Court(ICC):
    Founded: 1 July 2002
    Headquarters: Hague, Netherlands

  10. Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) is a legal agreement for global Intellectual Property (IP) rights signed among the members of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). When did TRIPS come into effect?
    1) 1st April 2000
    2) 1 January 1995
    3) 1st July 1981
    4) 1st April 1991
    5) 1 January 1975
    Answer-2) 1 January 1995
    Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) is a legal agreement for global Intellectual Property (IP) rights signed among the members of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). TRIPS came into effect on 1 January 1995.