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Current Affairs Quiz: 10 April 2021

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Top 10 Questions Based on Current Affairs 10 April 2021

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  1. In April 2021, India’s Permanent Secretary to the United Nations, ____________ announced India’s contribution of an additional __________ to the UN Trust Fund for Counter-Terrorism.
    1) Syed Akbaruddin, USD 500,000
    2) T.S. Tirumurti, USD 25,00,000
    3) Syed Akbaruddin, USD 25,00,000
    4) T.S. Tirumurti, USD 10,00,000
    5) T.S. Tirumurti, USD 500,000
    Answer-5) T.S. Tirumurti, USD 500,000
    T.S. Tirumurti, India’s Permanent Secretary to the United Nations (UN) stated that India has contributed an additional USD 500, 000 to the United Nations Trust Fund for Counter-Terrorism. With this, India’s total contribution to the UN Counter-Terrorism fund stands at around USD 1.05 Million.
    About United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT):
    Under-Secretary-General – Vladimir Voronkov
    Headquarters – New York, USA

  2. Education Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank launched “SARTHAQ” that sets implementation plan of National Education Policy (NEP) – 2020 for the next 10 years. What does ‘SARTHAQ’ stands for?
    1) Scholarship and Training with Harmonic Advanced Quality Educaiton
    2) Students Training through Holistically Advanced Quality Education
    3) Scientific Training with Harmonically Attached Quality Education
    4) Students and Teachers Holistic Advancement through Quality Education
    5) Scientific Training for Holistically Attached Quality Education
    Answer-4) Students and Teachers Holistic Advancement through Quality Education
    Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank launched an Implementation Plan for School Education called ‘Students’ and Teachers’ Holistic Advancement through Quality Education (SARTHAQ)’.
    · It is the Plan of Action set to achieve the goals of the National Education Policy (NEP) and outlines implementation plans for the next 10 years.

  3. Which country’s students will be benefited through India’s Muktijoddha Scholarship scheme?
    1) Afghanistan
    2) African Countries
    3) Bangladesh
    4) Middle-Eastern Countries
    5) Nepal
    Answer-3) Bangladesh
    The Government of India announced scholarships to 2000 Bangladeshi students, the direct descendants of Muktijoddha or Liberation War-fighters of Bangladesh under the new Muktijoddha Scholarship scheme.
    · Muktijoddha scholarship scheme was launched in 2006.
    · In March 2021, PM Modi announced the “Swarna Jayanti” scholarship, a research fellowship for youths of Bangladesh for research in Science & Technology.

  4. According to the Finance Ministry, which state is the top contributor to the Small Savings Schemes with around 12-15% of India’s total contribution?
    1) Tamil Nadu
    2) Gujarat
    3) Uttar Pradesh
    4) West Bengal
    5) Telangana
    Answer-4) West Bengal
    National Savings Institute under the Ministry of Finance, announced West Bengal as the largest contributor to the Small Savings Schemes with Rs. 90,000 crore contribution during 2017-18.
    · Over the years, West Bengal is the highest contributor to the schemes, with 12-15% of India’s total contribution.

  5. To which country India (in Apr’21) gifted the Fast Patrol Vessel (FPV) called ‘PS Zoroaster’?
    1) Mauritius
    2) Bahrain
    3) Madagascar
    4) Seychelles
    5) Comoros
    Answer-4) Seychelles
    India-Seychelles High-Level Virtual Event was held on April 8, 2021. Indian PM Narendra Modi & Seychelles President Wavel Ramkalawan participated in the event.
    Both leaders jointly inaugurated:
    · The new Magistrates’ Court building in Victoria, the Capital city of Seychelles, which was built under USD 3.5 Million assistance from India.
    · 1 MW ground-mounted Solar Power Plant built with Indian grant assistance in Romainville Island of Seychelles.
    · 10 Indian High Impact Community Development Projects (HICDPs) in Seychelles.
    India gifted, Fast Patrol Vessel (FPV) called ‘PS Zoroaster’ to Seychelles.

  6. Which bank recently (in Apr’21) approved USD 484 Mn Loan for the road transport connectivity project along Chennai-Kanyakumari Industrial Corridor(CKIC) in Tamil Nadu?
    1) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
    2) New Development Bank
    3) World Bank
    4) International Monetary Fund
    5) Asian Development Bank
    Answer-5) Asian Development Bank
    On 8th April 2021, The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved a USD 484 Million Loan to improve transport connectivity and road maintenance in Chennai-Kanyakumari Industrial Corridor(CKIC) in Tamil Nadu.
    · CKIC is a part of the East Coast Economic Corridor of India which stretches from West Bengal to Tamil Nadu.

  7. In the 1st bi-monthly policy for FY-22, RBI has extended the Special Liquid Facility(SLF) of Rs 50,000 to financial institutions, of which Rs. 25,000 crores are allocated to ____________.
    1) NABARD
    2) SIDBI
    3) MUDRA Bank
    4) National Housing Bank
    5) IDBI Bank
    Answer-1) NABARD
    In the 1st Bi-monthly policy, RBI has extended the Special Liquid Facility(SLF) of Rs 50,000 crore for FY22 to All India Financial Institutions (AIFIs).
    · Rs 25,000 crore to NABARD to support agriculture and allied activities, the rural non-farm sector & Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC).
    · Rs 10,000 crore to National Housing Bank (NHB) to support the housing sector.
    · Rs 15,000 crore to SIDBI to meet the funding requirements of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

  8. Which organisation recently (in Apr’21) imposed a fine of Rs. 25 crores on the promoters of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)?
    1) Supreme Court of India
    2) Reserve Bank of India
    3) Securities and Exchange Board of India
    4) International Court of Arbitration
    5) Ministry of Corporate Affairs
    Answer-3) Securities and Exchange Board of India
    On 7th April 2021, the Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI) imposed a Rs.25 crores fine on the promoters of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) (Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Nita Ambani, Tina Ambani) for the violation of the takeover code regulations in 2000.

  9. Recently (in Apr’21), Reserve Bank of India’s Deputy Governor(DG) __________ retired, which led to reshuffling of portfolios among the remaining DG’s.
    1) Mahesh Kumar Jain
    2) Sachin Chaturvedi
    3) Michael Patra
    4) B P Kanungo
    5) Rajeshwar Rao
    Answer-4) B P Kanungo
    On 2nd April, 2021 Reserve Bank of India’s Deputy Governor, B P Kanungo retired after serving as Deputy governor for 4 years. He was appointed as Deputy governor in April 2017.
    · All his portfolios were reshuffled among the other 3 deputy governors – Mahesh Kumar Jain, Michael Patra and Rajeshwar Rao.

  10. When is the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) Valour Day annually observed?
    1) 5th April
    2) 8th April
    3) 7th April
    4) 6th April
    5) 9th April
    Answer-5) 9th April
    The Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF) Valour Day is annually observed across India on 9th April to honour the valour of the Martyrs and the brave hearts of the 2 CRPF companies who fought against Pakistan at Sardar Post, Gujarat in 1965.
    · The day is also known as the Shaurya Diwas.
    · Director General of CRPF – Kuldeep Singh