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China Successfully Launched 13 satellites,10 for Argentina through Long March 6 rocket

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China successfully launches 13 satellitesChina has successfully sent 13 satellites viz. 3 Chinese and 10 customer’s satellites, into orbit through the Long March 6 rocket’s 351 flight which was lifted off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, Shanxi Province, China. From the total satellites, 10 were remote sensing satellites of Argentine imagery company Satellogic.

  • Satellogic signed a contract with China Great Wall Industry Corporation, an arm of China’s main space contractor, in January 2019 for deployment of 90 satellites.For the first time, China is launching large number of satellites for a foreign client.

About Chinese Satellites:

UESTC (also known as Tianyan-05): It is a remote sensing satellite jointly developed by new Chinese commercial satellite companies ADAspace and MinoSpace. Its imagery will be used mainly for smart cities, agriculture, forestry and disaster monitoring. It will also test communication payloads operating in the terahertz range, a potential successor to 5G communications.

Beihang SAT-1: It was developed by Spacety, a commercial satellite maker based in Changsha, central China, in collaboration with Beihang University, an aerospace university in Beijing. The satellite will carry out in-orbit experiments including receiving and retransmitting ADS-B signals from aircraft, and exploring laser data transmission technologies.

Bayi-03: It is developed by students from the Jinshan Middle School in Taiyuan. It carries an ultraviolet telescope developed by Origin Space, a Chinese asteroid mining company, the satellite will be used to target celestial bodies, as well as an imager for carrying out Earth observation and education-related activities.

Argentina Satellites

The 10 satellites of Argentina with 90-lb. (41 kilograms) each, carries multispectral and hyperspectral imaging payloads. They have been designed to operate in orbit for at least three years.

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About China:
Capital– Beijing
Currency– Renminbi
President– Xi Jinping