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1 out of 5 persons entering the labour force a woman by 2023: NSSO’s periodic labour forcesSurvey 2017-18

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On November 22, 2019,According to the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) 2017-18 conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), the estimated female labour force participation for women aged 15 years and above in the country during 2017-18 saw the decline to 23.3 %.Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) 2017-18Statistics showed that just 1 out of 5 persons in the 15-30 years age bracket entering the labour force is expected to be a female in the five years ending 2023.
This is because many female between the age group of 15 &19 years not active in the labour force, instead choosing to opt for higher education.

Key Points:

i.An internal study undertaken by the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC), a public-private-partnership working under the aegis of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, reveals that 7 crore additional individuals in the working-age (i.e 15-59 years) are expected to enter the labour force by 2023, of which 84.3 %/ 5.9 crore will be in the age group of 15-30 years.

ii.Behind asian economies: According to World Bank data, India’s female labour force participation (23.3%) rate ranks far behind other Asian economies in 2019, including Vietnam (73 %), China (61 %), Singapore (60 %), Bangladesh (36 %), and is closer to the estimates in countries such as Lebanon (24 %), Pakistan (24 per cent) Libya (26 %), Tunisia (24 %) and Sudan (24 %).

iii.Youth entrants: The total youth (aged 15-30 years) is projected to enter the labour force is around 1.29 crore in 2023.

iv. State’s contribution: Uttar Pradesh will be the top state to contribute to the youth entrants (15-30 years) during 2019-23 followed by Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. These 6 states will account for 50% (about 3 crore) of the new youth entrants by 2023.

v. Male & Female: The highest -28.5 lakh of new entrants will be the female youth in the year 2023, while among male youth, 1 crore new entrants is expected to enter in workforce by 2023.