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World’s first robot lawyer hired by US firm Baker Hostetler

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The world’s first artificial intelligence lawyer installed by Law Firm Baker Hostetler in the United State and named as ROSS

Purpose: To assist its various teams in legal research and Development

The Robot was named as ‘ROSS’ which is originally built by Watson, IBM’s cognitive computerWorld's first robot lawyer hired by US firm Baker Hostetler

US-based law firm: Baker Hostetler

Capabilities of the ROSS:

  • Involvement in the computing
  • Natural language processing

Keynotes on ROSS:

  • ROSS can able to clarify the research question asked by the Lawyers
  • It has the capability to go through the law, gathers evidence, provides inferences and returns highly relevant and evidence based answers
  • Monitors the law to notify users of new court decisions
  • Continually learns from the lawyers who use it to bring back better results each time


Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Creditors’ Rights team

Chief Information Officer Bob Craig statement:

He hoped that emerging technologies of cognitive computing and other such technologies could help to improve the services to the supported clients.

Related Details:

  • ROSS Intelligence interested in research field at the University of Toronto in 2014
  • The goal is building an artificial intelligence legal research assistant to allow lawyers to enhance and scale their abilities