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World’s first fully warm-blooded fish discovered

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Scientists at United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA, have discovered very rare fully warm-blooded fish named Opah. It is a discovery that defies conventional biology.

  • Opah fish are  reddish in colour with white spots and has distinct red fins.
  • It has an oval shaped body and weighs upto 90kgs.
  • It is normally found in deep waters at a depth of 50 to 400m.
  • It mostly preys on the fishes and squids.
  • The uniqueness of these Opah fishes is they can produce electricity by  their pectoral fins flapping continously.
  • The heat generated does not get lost to the environment because of its unique shapes.
  • The heat produced have average muscle temperature of  4 to 5 degree above surrounding water temperature.
  • Main advantages of being warm blooded fish are faster swimming speeds, better brain and eyes functions, withstand the effects of cold on vital organs when compared to cold-blooded fishes.
  • NOAA wants to compare Opah from different parts of the world to see how they have evolved warming mechanisms in deep waters

NOAA- some details

  • NOAA is an American scientific agency.
  • It aims on  conditions of  oceans and the atmosphere.
  • It was formed on 10th of February 1910.
  • Head quarters is in Maryland USA.
  • Agency Executive is Kathryn D Sullivan.

Warm and Cold blooded animals- some facts

  • Warm blooded animals produce their own heat and can maintain body temperature independent of the environment.
  • They are also referred as Endotherms.
  • Birds and mammals are mostly warmblooded in nature.
  • In case of cold blooded animals, their  body temperature depends on the temperature of the surroundings.
  • Cold blooded animals  are also called  as Ectotherms.
  • Most of amphibians,reptiles and most fishes belong to cold blooded category.