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World Refugee Day – June 20

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June 20th of every year is celebrated as World Refugee Day all over the world in order to create awareness of the situation of refugees all over the world.

The theme for 2015 is ” With courage let us all combine”. United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees UNHCR, organises many events across the country to mark the world refugee day.

  • UNHCR in an official statement spoke about the courage and resilience of refugees all over the world.
  • Bollywood actor John Abraham interacted with the refugees from Myanmar, Srilanka, Afganistan, Somalia etc in an event held in Mumbai.
  • At Delhi’s  Rajiv Chowk metro station, Delhi celebrated the refugee day with an exhibition of famous photographer Raghu Rai’s pictures that shows the plight of refugees struggling for their daily lives.
  • Annual World Refugee Day campaign was launched in Delhi at Don Bosco school.
  • Many people took to the streets in many European cities  to show their solidarity with the migrants seeking refuge in Europe.
  • In Germany, Paris, Rome, Berlin etc there were huge gatherings of people.

World Refugee Day 2015

World Refugee Day

  • On 4th December 2000, United Nations General Assembly UNGA had passed resolution to observe June 20th as World Refugee Day.
  • To mark the 50th anniversary of  the 1951 convention relating the status of the refugees, this World Refugee Day was celebrated with various themes.
  • Before the passing of resolution in 2000, African Refugee Day was celebrated in many nations by Organisation of  African Unity OAU.
  • Out of 32000 people of concern to UNHCR in India, 26500 are recognised refugees and 5700 are asylum seekers from Myanmar and Afganistan.
  • Small portion of refugees are from Somalia,Iran and Iraq.
  • Majority of these refugees are from Delhi while others are from Telengana,Jammu,Haryana,Rajasthan etc.

United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees UNHCR

  • UNHCR is also called as United Nation Refugee Agency, that was formed to protect and support refugees.
  • Established on 14th December 1950.
  • Present head is Antonio Guterres.
  • From 1954 onwards, UNHCR Nansen refugee Award has been presented to person or organisation for the service to the cause of refugees .