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World Portuguese Language Day 2024 – May 5

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World Portuguese Language Day - May 5 2024World Portuguese Language Day is annually observed across the globe on 5 May to raise awareness of the Portuguese language, one of the most widely used languages of the Indo-European family, and its role in and contribution to the preservation and dissemination of human civilization and culture.


i.Since 2005, the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP – Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa) Member States celebrate 5th May as a day of the Portuguese language and Lusophone culture.

ii.In 2006, the 1st commemoration of the Portuguese Language took place at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Headquarters in Paris, France.

iii.On 20th July 2009, the CPLP Council of Ministers adopted a resolution officially establishing 5th May of every year as the Day of the Portuguese Language and Culture.

iv.In 2019, the 40th session of UNESCO’s General Conference proclaimed 5th May of each year as “World Portuguese Language Day”.

v.UNESCO celebrated the 1st World Portuguese Language Day on 5th May 2020.

Points to Note:

i.The activities connected with the marking of World Portuguese Language Day at UNESCO are supported by the CPLP Group at UNESCO.

ii.CPLP has been fostering mutual friendship, political-diplomatic consultation, and cooperation since its establishment in 1996.

iii.With Portuguese as a foundation of their identities, CPLP aims to promote cultural exchange and international projection.

iv.In 2000, CPLP and UNESCO signed a cooperation agreement to pursue common goals in line with the Charter of the United Nations (UN), the Constitution of UNESCO, and the Constitutive Declaration of CPLP.

About Portuguese:

i.The Portuguese originated from Latin in the Western Iberian Peninsula and is the most widely spoken language in the Southern Hemisphere.

ii.It is one of the most widespread languages in the world.

iii.It was the language of the 1st globalisation in the modern era and facilitated cultural and civilizational encounters.

Official Status:

i.Portuguese is the official language of nine countries: Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe, and Timor-Leste.

ii.Additionally, it also holds official status in the Macau Special Administrative Region(SAR) of China.

International Recognition:

i.Portuguese is recognized as an official language in various continental and regional organizations, including the African Union, the Organization of American States, and the European Union.

ii.Portuguese is also an official language of the UNESCO General Conference.

Key Points:

i.As of March 2024, Portuguese ranked 8th as the most spoken language in the world with 263.6 million native speakers.

ii.Portuguese has a global influence as the official language of Portugal and several countries in South America.

About United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO):
Director-General– Audrey Azoulay
Headquarters– Paris, France
UNESCO’s Constitution was adopted in London (United Kingdom) in 1945, it entered into force in 1946.