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World Obesity Day 2020 – Moved from 11th October to 4th March 

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World Obesity Day observance shifted to March 4 2020 from October 11 2020 newThe World Obesity Day was annually celebrated on 11th October till 2019. The day was relaunched as the new Unified World Obesity Day on 4th March 2020. The World Obesity day aims to create and raise awareness, encourage advocacy and improve policies on obesity.

The first World Obesity Day was observed on 11th October 2015.

The theme of World Obesity Day 2020 – 4th March 2020 was “The Roots of Obesity Run Deep”.


The World Obesity Federation established World Obesity Day on 11th October 2015 as an annual campaign to stimulate and support the practical actions to support people to achieve and maintain healthy weight and control the global obesity crisis.

New World Obesity Day – 4th March 2020:

i.The New World Obesity Day on 4th March 2020 was launched to call for a global response to Obesity, a global crisis which affects more than 650 million people across the globe.

ii.Following successful campaigns like, the National Obesity Care Week of the United States of America(USA), European Obesity Day, Indian Obesity Day and World obesity Day, the unified world obesity day was launched to increase the reach of these activities.

Weight Stigma:

The discriminatory acts and ideologies targeting the individuals because of the weight and size is referred as Weight Stigma.

Events of 2020:

i.More than 100 medicals and scientific organisations have signed a statement which identified the unscientific public narratives of obesity as the major weight stigma.

ii.As a part of the world obesity day 2020, the World Health Organisation(WHO) encouraged practical solutions to support the people to maintain healthy weight.

Efforts of WHO:

i.WHO monitors the global trends and prevalence, the development of a broad range of guidance addressing the prevention and treatment of obesity.

ii.WHO also provides implementation support and guidance like the Report of the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity.

About World Obesity Federation:
President– Prof. John Wilding
Headquarters– London, United Kingdom