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SBI PO Interview Experience shared by Shubhra

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Hi friends! Today I am sharing my own Interview experience of SBI PO 2016. You can learn from this experience and find a way for yourself.


IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue – Panchkula, Haryana
Date – 06/09/16
Time – 12:00 Noon

There were 10 members in the group for discussion.
At the time of group discussion,  2 people were there to  judge.
They described all the things that for almost 2 hour we ll be in this room.
In first part of group discussion, the topic given was: “Selfie”is an undesirable element of modern technology?
We were given 5 minutes to write our ideas on pad. And after that we started discussing the topic.
The topic was easy. After some time all were repeating the points and elaborating them with examples. After 20 minutes of starting the discussion, thry stopped us.
Next the second part if GD came.
We were given a page in which a question with its 8 points was written. And we had to prioritise the points.
The question was: Suppose you are a group leader and u have to select people for a project and form a team, so what qualities will you see in the person u are selecting. Given are the points, prioritise them.
The points were: Honesty, Obedience, Job knowledge, Expertise, Focus on goal, Initialise, 2 more points were there.

Again we were given 5 minutes to prioritise and give reason for it.
After 5 minutes, they asked each of us that what we have chosen on No. 1.
4 people were with Job Knowledge (I had also chosen the same). 2 or 3 selected initiative as their priority, 2 selected honesty.
Now they asked us to start discussing and prove our point.
The discussion went well. We did not come at a conclusion.  But that is ok. You must prove your point.
Then after 20 minutes they asked us to stop and wished us good luck for Interview.

Next the interview started one by one.
The questions that I was asked were:
I entered, greeted all. All greeted me, asked me to sit.
Greeting all people is very very important. It can deduct your marks if you dont do it properly.
I said Good evening Mam, good evening Sirs.
All greeted me.
Now the questions:
As i am from Engineering background, one asked what is OSI?
I explained with the working
Ans: the model is used in networking. At each  layer an element is added, it reaches the physical layer, then through transmission medium, the packet reaches the receiver and the various elements like header trailer are removed in the layer which needs it.

Then he asked the layers weather from top to bottom or bottom to top
I told 5 in sequence from bottom. Not got other two

Next ques: what is firewall ?
Ans: its used to protect the computer from outside stuff like viruses.

Q: what is polymorphism?
Ans: its when a single name is used for many functions. And explained it by taking an example of area function

Q: If we see today’s scenario, in the recent years what factors will take the banking sector to a high level, or how the banking sector will grow?
Ans: by technology ( i started explaining but Madam stopped me and asked to give only points)
Reducing NPAs problem
I told two more points, dont remember right now.she asked that tell more.
I said right now I know these points only.

Q: What qualities should a bank officer possess?
Ans: good customer interaction, dont think for own growth, but first for the bank as when the bank will grow i ll too grow.
Told more that country’s economy is dependent on banking, etc.

Q: What is MOM?
Ans: Mars orbiter mission. Belongs to ISRO. They sent satellite to Mars.

For what purpose they sent it?
Ans: to receive the information about Mars that if life exists and various other things.

Q: What was special about the mission?
Ans: only 1 or 2 countries had sent their satellites before
(But the answer was that it was sent in first attempt only which I remembered after interview :( )

Q: What is IDS?
Ans: Income Declaration Scheme. Started by the central govt., in which black money can be converted to white by showing the income and giving some percent as tax.

Q: What is that percent?
Ans: Sorry sir, not able to remember right now.

Ok, u can go.

So this was all what I experienced.
Its not that they were asking Engineering questions to all the candidates. In my group they only asked me , to others they ask banking only.

1 member did not greeted them and sat on chair. The panel dint speak anything. And then they told that u should first greet all and then sit.
So remember to greet first after entering and thank you just before leaving the interview room.

My GD was good, interview I felt ok ok.
Now fingers crossed, waiting for the result.

GD topics are very simple. They told us that your knowledge is already checked in the written exam, thats y u are here.
Now we have to judge, rather see that what kind of a person are you, n please be yourself.

So just Show the real you. They are very experienced, they are judging us coz they know who is real and who is a fake.
Dont try to be over smart. Dont dont dont interrupt anyone in between his/ her turn. U ll get a big zero. Wait for your turn. Speak in a loud voice with confidence

All the best to all of you who are going to appear. Do well.

All the best to me :P